Data and Analytics: A Sports and Entertainment Industry Perspective

  • July 10 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Every consumer-centric loyalty provider knows that collecting data, analyzing it, and creating insights from it are extremely difficult challenges. Brands not only have to adhere to increasingly stricter regulations and handle massive amounts of...Read More

Data and Analytics: A Retail Industry Perspective

  • June 19 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports

According to Marlon Bowser, CEO of technology supplier HTK, “If retailers are going to prioritize something this year, it should be data. Pursuing CX and loyalty initiatives without giving proper attention to the data that powers them will...Read More

Data and Analytics: A Hospitality Industry Perspective

  • March 14 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty 360

Every company who is focused on customer loyalty is faced with the challenge of collecting data from an increasing array of new, disparate, confusing, redundant, and sometimes unidentifiable data sources.In addition, the tasks of extracting...Read More

The State of Best-in-Class Customer Experience Survey Report: Top Imperatives for Your 2019 & Beyond Marketing Strategy

  • March 08 2019
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360 & SAP

Through a unique blend of content, networking, and research, Loyalty360 represents a community of the best voices and minds in the customer loyalty industry. As such, in partnership with SAP, we are thrilled to present our “The State of Best...Read More

Loyalty Trends 2017

  • February 02 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

As we look forward in 2017, attempting to discern what trends will become prominent in the customer loyalty industry, Loyalty360 solicited the unique opinions and perspectives of its members to identify what tendencies, shifts, or progressions...Read More

The State of Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty: A Technology Perspective

  • July 29 2016
  • Resource: Research And Reports

The confusion and complexity that brands face today to create customer loyalty is among the biggest marketing challenges ever confronted throughout the industry’s long history. There is a growing realization and an explicit understanding of...Read More

Loyalty360 Executive Brief: Expect to See Continued Growth in Content Marketing

  • January 22 2014
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360

According to a new Executive Brief released by Loyalty360 – The Loyalty Marketer’s Association, over half of marketers anticipate that the budget allocated to content marketing will grow in the next fiscal year. The study also shows...Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility: Making a Difference for Customer Relationships

  • October 16 2013
  • Resource: Research And Reports
  • Loyalty360

In its just released Industry Brief, “Corporate Social Responsibility: Making a Difference for Customer Relationships,” Loyalty 360 – The Loyalty Marketer’s Association shares insights from industry leaders about the impact...Read More



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