Connect with peers, discover opportunities, and share experiences. Loyalty360 Roundtables provide brand members will an opportunity to meet other customer loyalty and experience-focused professionals, while discussing new topics each week. Each meeting is brand-marketer and Loyalty360 member only – meaning there are no vendor/suppliers in the meetings. During roundtables, participants can connect with other brand members to share best practices, advice, and questions in a trusted, small-group environment.

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Loyalty360 Brand Member Roundtable - Personalization, Segmentation & Cadence Management

2PM ET. • December 6 2022 | More Information

Loyalty360 Brand Member Roundtable - Emotional Loyalty

2PM ET. • December 7 2022 | More Information

Lunch and Learn - Scene+ : Fueling Transformation: Four Fundamental Elements to Enable Change and Growth for Scene+: Matthew Seagrim, Senior Vice President, Scene+

12PM ET. • December 9 2022 | More Information

Loyalty360 Brand Member Roundtable - Customer Preference Management and Personalization

1PM ET. • December 12 2022 | More Information