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Loyalty360 Reads: May 7 | 21C Museum Hotels Launches Loyalty Program; Groupon Launches New, Personalized User Experience; and More

21C Museum Hotels Launches Limited-Membership Loyalty Program With Unique PerksForbes.com says 21c Museum Hotels is joining the bandwagon by...

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2021 Creative Email Trends: Industry Observations

With every new year, you can look forward to a list of creative trends that will define it, or try to. Some are spot-on, and some are just...

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Q&A with Raghu Mahadevan, 7-Eleven

Raghu Mahadevan is the Senior Vice President and Head of Digital at 7-Eleven, which operates, franchises, or licenses more than 73,000 stores in 16...

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Contact Centers Play an Important Role in Customer Loyalty

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted daily routines, forcing business leaders to react quickly to adapt engagement strategies and support...

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