Announcing Loyalty360’s New Industry Report - Customer Loyalty Landscape: Platforms and Strategic Services
Loyalty360's Customer Loyalty Landscape: Platforms and Strategic Services Report provides an updated and enhanced perspective on the customer loyalty industry. It offers an assessment of industry suppliers, technologies, agencies, and consultancies, along with an analysis of the challenges and opportunities encountered by brand marketers.

This report offers a deeper focus compared to other industry reports, delving into market challenges and highlighting technologies and agency partners that drive industry advancement. The insights presented in the report are derived from extensive feedback from Loyalty360 Members, reflecting their demand for a comprehensive analysis rooted in Loyalty360's unique position within the customer loyalty industry.

Loyalty360’s initial industry report, Technology Today, included supplier partners such as: Capillary Technologies, Comarch, Epsilon, Merkle, Oracle, SessionM, Cheetah Digital, Kobie Marketing, ICF Next, Baesman, Clarus Commerce, Clutch, Eagle Eye, Prizelogic, Loyalty Methods, Ansira, The Lacek Group, Snipp, Exchange Solutions, Paytronix, Jebbit, Airship, Bold Orange, Forter, and others.  

Classifications from the previous report include:
  • 15+ leading customer loyalty program technologies
  • 10+ leading CX/VoC providers
  • 10+ leading loyalty agencies/consultancies
  • 6+ leading CDP providers
  • 5+ new/emerging technologies
Loyalty360’s New and Improved Report, Driven by the Industry: There is a need to continue to elevate customer loyalty in 2024 and beyond. Both brands and supplier partners have expressed a demand for a comprehensive industry paper produced by an objective body that has an unbiased, deep, and pronounced understanding of the market. Loyalty360’s newest industry report will fill this void.

Loyalty360 will approach customer loyalty from a holistic market perspective, leveraging its unique position as a trusted industry resource, regularly engaging with Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and Chief Marketing Officers of leading brands through in-house research, in-depth interviews, exclusive digital roundtables, RFP/RFI processes, prominent awards programs, conferences, and more.

The Loyalty360 Customer Loyalty Landscape: Platforms and Strategic Services Report will address the complexities and uncertainties associated with selecting the optimal customer loyalty solution(s). Our industry reports are based on a carefully curated selection of suppliers, ensuring marketers benefit from enhanced transparency, deeper insights, and increased confidence in their customer loyalty decision-making processes.

Loyalty360 Customer Loyalty Landscape: Platforms and Strategic Services: What is Included in the New Report:
Launching in 2024, Loyalty360's Customer Loyalty Landscape: Platforms and Strategic Services Report will arm brands with invaluable information and details on the leading technologies, consultancies and agencies serving the growing industry today in a new, unique, and holistic approach driven by extensive feedback from the supplier and brand community of Loyalty360.
The report will include:
1) Summary of Loyalty360’s 2024 State of Customer Loyalty Research

2) Key Market Trends and Recommendations

3) Supplier Partner Overviews: Analysis of several customer loyalty, customer experience, and complementary technologies and service/strategy providers in the market today.

Types of Supplier Partners Covered:   
  • Customer loyalty/loyalty program technologies
  • Customer experience and engagement platforms
  • Customer data platforms
  • Complementary and emerging technologies
  • Loyalty agencies and consultants
New for 2024:
  • Updated classifications for Preferred, Notable, and Neutral supplier partners
  • Updated Loyalty360 Award finalists and winners
  • Loyalty360 Verified Brand Client
  • Partnerships and Integrations
Supplier Partners Including: Salesforce, Kobie Marketing, Capillary Technologies, Mastercard, Deloitte, Marigold, Phaedon (formerly ICF Next), Baesman, Talon.One, The Lacek Group, Clutch, Wunderkind, Ansira, and more.

** Loyalty360's Customer Loyalty Landscape: Platforms and Strategic Services Report will be based primarily on Loyalty360 Analyst Briefs, complimented by Loyalty360 research, a detailed survey of the supplier covered, member conversations, industry interviews, Loyalty360 Award submissions, member research, as well as deep market understanding from the daily interviews with the leading brands and suppliers in the industry.

Loyalty360 Customer Loyalty Landscape: Report Access and Timelines: 

Who has access to the final report?
  • Loyalty360 Brand Members (Deluxe/Premium level) and Loyalty360 Supplier Members (Deluxe/Silver/Gold level) will have access to the Loyalty360 Customer Loyalty Landscape: Platforms and Strategic Services Report
  • Loyalty360 Brand Members (Standard level), Supplier Members (Standard level) and Individual Members can purchase the report at a discount
    • Loyalty360 Supplier Members can purchase distribution rights, allowing brand marketer clients and prospects to access the report
  • Non-Members may purchase the report on
Suppliers included in the final report:
  • January-March 2024: Completion of Analyst Briefs by current Loyalty360 Deluxe/Silver/Gold Supplier Members to be included in the Customer Loyalty Landscape Report.
  • March/April 2024: Customer Loyalty Landscape survey/questionnaire available to Loyalty360 Standard Members and non-members to be included in the final report.
  • End of April/Early May 2024: Deadline for verified client references to be included in the final report.
  • June 2024: Final report released at Loyalty360’s Loyalty Expo (June 4-6)

For additional information, questions, and to be included in the report, contact [email protected]

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