The Loyalty360 Committees:

Loyalty360 committees will give a voice to Loyalty360 members which can lead to direct impacts within the association. Through involvement in one of the committee groups, members will help guide, provide feedback on and support a variety of Loyalty360 initiatives to help meet the evolving needs of the member community. These committees will meet regularly to exchange insights and highlight the trends affecting customer loyalty focused marketers as it relates to their group’s topic and goals.

Committee Definitions:

• Research, Benchmarks, and Standards – The customer loyalty industry looks to Loyalty360 as a leading source of industry insight. In touch with the pulse of our community of leading brands and technologies, we have access to the latest topics and trends that are impacting marketers. This member-driven council will elevate the discussion and deepen the understanding of these benchmarks and standards from a diverse vertical perspective.

The group’s objective is to drive the research topics, data points, benchmarks, and standards that the customer loyalty industry needs. The collective team will leverage each other’s KPIs and program requirements to proactively own and develop major and minor Loyalty360 research initiatives for the community. The team will also drive content topics that will proactively build out accepted industry terminology, benchmark reports, and standards.

• Technology and Trends – The Technology and Trends Committee will encourage discussions pertaining to opportunities and challenges for current technology and service partners. These discussions will occur between members who are either interested in or are considering similar offerings and solutions. This member-driven council will elevate the dialogue and deepen the understanding of these technologies and trends impacting the industry from a diverse vertical perspective.

The group’s objective is to provide a member-driven forum for questions on potential providers and objective technology assessments. It will also gauge interest in and facilitate understanding of new technologies that community members may want to integrate into their customer loyalty offerings. These meetings will provide members with an objective understanding of the latest trends in technology that Loyalty360 and our member community may see.

• Membership, Partnership, Community – As the association for customer loyalty, we strive to keep our members satisfied and to proactively listen to them. The ability to glean insight from the community will help drive the industry. This member-driven council will elevate the value for the community from a diverse industry perspective concerning their interests, what they see working with other membership communities, and how we can increase the value of the Loyalty360 community. The group’s objective is to give advocates an outlet to ensure community members receive the most out of their memberships, share suggestions from other associations, and discuss potential partnerships and growth opportunities. It will also seek current members to serve as brand ambassadors for new members. Because there is a growing interest in partnerships within the community, this group will work to build community partnership processes on a brand-to-brand basis, as well as find external opportunities, facilitate member meetings, and give feedback on the state of the Loyalty360 community.

• Conferences – The Conferences Committee will play a key role in planning topics, suggesting and vetting speakers, and developing events for Loyalty360 conferences. This committee will require a short-term commitment from members, meeting a few times before and during the specified Loyalty360 conference. Committee members will be provided with additional exposure during events through panel participation, leading roundtable discussions, or networking events.

About Loyalty360 Committees:

• Committee participation is a benefit of Loyalty360 membership. There is no additional cost to join a Loyalty360 committee.

• Committee groups will meet quarterly for a 1-hour conference call and twice each year in-person at Loyalty360 conferences.

• Individuals can participate in 1 committee each, but a brand can have multiple individuals involved in 1 or more committees.

• Each meeting will have a set of topics to be discussed, with the goal of sparking conversation for an interactive and informative discussion.

• Each committee will be led by 1 or 2 chairs who are senior-level Loyalty360 members and customer loyalty leaders. The chairs of each individual committee will have the opportunity to meet with the other Loyalty360 committee chairs quarterly to share updates and receive or provide feedback from or to the other groups.

• Each committee will have 10-15 members which will allow for a diverse group, but will still allow individuals to drive impactful contributions.