Loyalty360 Technology Today Industry Report

Loyalty360, the trade association for customer loyalty, released its first ‘Technology Today Industry Report,’ a one-of-a-kind analysis unlike any in the market. The report includes pertinent sections: an in-depth perspective on customer loyalty; an objective assessment of suppliers; key industry trends; and a robust understanding of the challenges and opportunities both brands and suppliers face today.

Within the report, there are three main takeaways:

• Discussion of the challenges with customer loyalty and experience technologies, featuring Loyalty360 and brand marketer insights
• Supplier overview, including 50+ customer loyalty, customer experience, and complementary technologies and services in the market
• Key trends and recommendations for both brand marketers and supplier partners to consider

“We regularly connect with brand leaders, suppliers, and partners in the industry’s vanguard and this is the latest look at where technology in customer loyalty is headed,” Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “We spoke with dozens of major national and international brands and suppliers — those intimately involved with their brand’s or clients’ efforts to create relevant and engaging experiences for consumers.”

As an unbiased, objective, and market-driven association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 is in a unique position to help brands navigate existing customer loyalty challenges and understand the evolving facets of today’s highly complex marketing landscape. Assisting marketers in solving these challenges was one of the Technology Today Report’s primary goals — to go beyond a simple overview of suppliers – featuring quantitative and qualitative data points supported by first-hand brand marketer feedback and experiences.

The report’s uniqueness is a result of Loyalty360’s differentiated position within the industry. Bringing together both sides of the customer loyalty equation – brands and supplier partners - has paved the way for Loyalty360’s distinctive and holistic view of the industry. This report frames the opportunities and challenges both sides see more deeply through a rigorous and continuous analyst briefing process on the supplier partner side and regular interviews, Loyalty360 Award submissions, surveys, technology-focused working groups, and small-sided meetings with brand marketers.

“While brand marketers understand the importance of customer loyalty, there is significant difficulty navigating the complex Martech landscape,” Johnson says. “With our first Technology Today Industry Report, we hope to bring some clarity to the industry, benefiting both brand marketers and their supplier partners as both sides work together toward building best-in-class customer loyalty strategies.”

Carly Stemmer Ivory, VP of Marketing for Loyalty360, says there is often a lack of understanding of what various suppliers offer, their core competencies, and the industries they specialize in. As a result of all of the noise within the industry, it is difficult for marketers to understand what partners and technologies are the best fit for their brand.

“We brought together insights from Loyalty360 Analyst Briefs, Loyalty360 Awards submissions, brand member small-sided meetings, technology-focused working groups, and more,” Stemmer Ivory says. “All of these qualitative data points have come together, creating a truly unique industry report.”

Loyalty360’s Technology Today Report is now available on Loyalty360.org for purchase here. For additional information on the report, please feel free to contact Loyalty360.