Tesco Bank Sets out Mobile App Approach

Blog post from Tesco Bank digital director Grant Bourbousson: Last month we successfully launched our mobile banking apps for iOS and Android. This is a key part of our current account proposition and a significant step towards enabling our customers to manage their money when and where they want, safely and quickly on their device of choice.

Since 2008 when we started on our journey to build a full service bank, the way that our customers live their lives and interact with us has undergone significant change. What do I mean by that?

Well, you could say that today's customer is increasingly digitally minded.

The majority of adults in the UK now have a smartphone. And one in three households also owns a tablet. Together these mobile devices account for a third of the visits to our website. And that proportion is growing - quickly! That's quite incredible when you think that the first tablet only launched four years ago.

Mobile banking apps are now regularly used by more than 12m adults. They log in much more often than non-app users - nearly 20 times a month compared to seven for non app users. And around a fifth of app users are said to be 'mobile only'.

Clearly customers have fallen in love with the convenience mobile banking offers.

So when we set out to build our mobile banking app we focused on developing native apps that our customers would love to use and we'd be proud to say we developed. (By native, I mean apps that use the unique features associated with the main two operating systems - iOS and Android) As you'd expect from Tesco, we put customers at the heart of what was an exciting period of development.

The user experience has been key to our design. And that is why we have gone the extra mile to add little (native) features that make a big difference. The apps include everything our customers expect. They can check their balance, look for the nearest Tesco ATM or search for a specific transaction.

Our customers were particularly keen on the calendar - three out of five customers said it was their favourite feature. It helps them track their spending by presenting a monthly view of money coming in and going out of their account. All the people that we spoke to found the process of moving money easier than with their existing provider. And four out of five were reassured by seeing familiar monthly statements within the app. These can be downloaded at the touch of a button.

And it's not just for current account customers - our existing customers can use the mobile banking app to manage their existing credit card, savings and loan accounts on the device of their choice whenever they need to.

In my experience, the approach we are taking to mobile differs from other financial services businesses. Our approach will allow us to further develop and improve our service at the pace we wish to set, unconstrained by third parties, to ensure that we continue to meet the digital expectations of our customers.

I am extremely proud of the banking apps that we have developed, of the effort that has gone into creating an intuitive user experience and hopefully we've been able to introduce a bit of fun for our customers through our sign-up process and carousel too. 

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