New Patented App Tracks All Consumer Loyalty Cards Saving Money

Consumers and retailers including restaurants, apparel, airlines, hotels, drug, grocery and even Dunkin Donuts all love loyalty programs and are well utilized.

But the downside of these programs are they have expiration dates. A recent study showed that even some gift cards expire and with the going or gone out of business retailers these rewards are now voided to. In these times of rising consumer costs it is nice to get any discount.

Founder Wayne Merry and Canadian entrepreneur has launched the app that actually tracks and alerts the consumer when those rewards will expire.

The consumer simply loads the information into the app and also the hyperlink example – to check the points accumulated so they can be checked in the actual business. Some of these rewards systems miss the rewards so the link to the rewarding company is very helpful. Thus you can also save your actual receipts in the app as well.

Reward systems like gasoline, restaurants can really add up to big savings so consumers are thankful. The app also tracks coupons, discounts, and warranties saving consumers additional money.

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