It seems that everywhere you turn these days in the loyalty marketing world there are references to mobile and its positive impact on the customer experience.

Officials at Confirmit realize this all too well, which is one of the main reasons it launched Confirmit AskMe−a mobile survey application designed to address the ongoing challenge of survey participation. Confirmit AskMe allows participants to respond to surveys wherever and whenever it suits them–even without an Internet connection.

Loyalty360 caught up with Miguel Ramos, product marketing manager at Confirmit, to find out more about this exciting new product launch.

What factors prompted the creation of Confirmit AskMe and what are your goals for it from a customer engagement perspective?

Ramos: Mobile has moved beyond its designation as a channel, to a full-blown catalyst for digital business transformation. Mobile moments are the new battleground to win, serve, and retain customers. 

In fact, 94% of US consumers have smartphones and spend two hours per day browsing the mobile web or interacting with some of the 26 apps they have downloaded. Mobile users using superfast 4G networks play a significant role in how consumers discover, explore, purchase, and engage with brands today and have become the hub of the customer lifecycle.

According to the latest report from Ooyala, 46 percent of all video plays in Q4 2015 were on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. In fact, tablet and smartphone video consumption grew 35 percent in the past year and have grown 170 percent since 2013. Millennials are using these mobile devices forcefully to drive action in digital video.

Mobile research apps are a highly flexible way to capture feedback data in areas with poor or no mobile connectivity. Mobile research apps allow you to tailor your mobile surveys to suit the needs of your research projects, and they provide a seamless experience for field researchers, customers, employees, and respondents. Mobile participation in online surveys is growing and the proportion of participants who are taking online surveys on smartphones and other mobile devices has risen each year from 6.7 percent in 2006 to 26.1 percent in 2015.

Leveraging multimedia, such as audio and video, in surveys can help to improve the quality of insights you collect by driving respondent engagement and increasing completion rates. Unfortunately, with traditional mobile survey platforms, multimedia can create challenges that deter respondents such as slow upload/download speeds and excessive mobile data usage.

Confirmit AskMe was designed to create a streamlined and engaging respondent experience since it loads multimedia content during the initial survey download, so the audio or video can be viewed offline. Not only does this improve the speed with which multimedia files are displayed, it also helps to reduce the respondents’ data usage as they are able to download the files over Wi-Fi, for example, and view the files offline at a later time.

What makes Confirmit AskMe unique?

Ramos: Confirmit AskMe™ is a mobile survey app that makes it easy and convenient for respondents to complete surveys. And best of all, AskMe works offline! So regardless of the quality of the responder’s Internet connection, the survey responses are not lost – even if they contain multimedia information like photos or videos.

All of your online Confirmit Horizons surveys can be enabled for offline data capture using AskMe. In addition to standard surveys, Confirmit AskMe is really effective for diary, audit, or other on-going studies in which a single survey must be answered by the respondent multiple times. Best of all, the app’s ability to receive previously loaded respondent data facilitates personalization and eliminates redundant data entry for surveys which is a huge turn-off for respondents.

How will better address the challenge of survey participation?

Ramos: It offers a solution to the brands to move customers from a self-contained customer feedback interaction to an open and seamless experience where web and apps interact with each other.
The objective is to build persistence into consumer feedback interactions by maintaining continuity of the experience. Continuity of experience isn’t just about recreating the experience across online and offline touchpoints; it’s about maintaining context across those touchpoints and the ability to move the experience forward regardless of starting point on web or app.

What’s critical with this app is that the survey experience is consistent and not compromised by connectivity. Survey responses are captured offline and then synchronized when back online. Additionally, multimedia files can be played back and captured quickly offline. A simple engagement with participants that allows them to take the survey when and where it suits them helps to increase the number of responses by making the survey more accessible.

How will this impact brands that want to leverage this?

Ramos: There are a number of ways in which Confirmit AskMe will impact businesses who make use of it. One area that they’ll really be able to improve upon is survey response rates which have been a real headache for several years. Participants can take part in surveys when the time and place are right for them, without having to worry about the stability of their Internet connection or excessive use of their mobile data. The survey experience is seamless, facilitating quick and easy data collection, even for multimedia content.

More responses are great, of course, but the quality is critical and this app enables companies to use a much more engaging question set. Confirmit AskMe makes viewing surveys with images, audio and video much faster and easier, broadening the type of survey you can deploy. Most importantly, respondents can record their own responses via multimedia which means not only can companies capture more data, but that is much, much richer than simple rating scales and the occasional free-text comment can provide.

Finally, it means brands can create their survey once and launch it to a range of channels, including Confirmit AskMe. This means that however, their customers choose to answer the survey (online, offline, app, telephone) the survey remains consistent but works effectively for the chosen channel. 

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