Using Mobile Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience a Key Focus for RLHC

In June Red Lion Hotels Corporation officials launched the RLH Magazine−a full-color, quarterly publication for the company’s hotel owners, corporate associates, and prospects−to significantly enhance the customer experience.

Now, RLHC can tout its exciting technological advances that include new check-in, check-out, and digital key applications in its new magazine.

“The goal of these new technological advances is to enhance the guest experience, by simplifying and reducing friction in the guest interactions and improving the daily operational efficiencies, which will translate it to fewer guest inconveniences,” RLHC CEO Greg Mount said during the company’s recent second-quarter earnings call. “Using mobile technology to enhance the customer experience remains a key focus of RLH Corporation.”

RLHC will begin the deployment of Apple TV in its Hotel RL brand, which will provide a seamless, in-room television experience via a number of different apps combining a free-to-guest TV, offering direct TV, device management, and iTune’s user security. The app will also feature content from hotels–Hotel RLs within the stage, which highlights local speakers, performers, and artists on-site across the Hotel RL brand.

“Our Hello Rewards app now gives the guests the ability to conveniently check-in and check out right from their smartphone as well as manage their loyalty membership account and redeem rewards,” Mount added. “Hotel RL has now fully integrated digital keys for the first time in the Hello Rewards app allowing guests to completely bypass the registration desk, and use their smartphones to check in, unlock their doors, order food, and request service among many other guest-related needs.”

Mount cited RLHC’s recent solutions to provide valet staff with Apple watches and to introduce self-service iPad kiosk for lobby areas.

“Using the new application, valet staff can manage and act on a car retrieval request, from their hotel-issued Apple watch without physically being present at the hotel valet stand,” he said. “It is equally convenient for the guest reducing the potential way period for the car return. New self-service key-off will be available for guests at the Hotel RL brand to use for quick and convenient check-in, especially if there are lines at registration. Guests can also contact customer support from the key-offs or the mobile apps if they have questions, need assistance or want to submit a room upgrade request.”

Mount noted that RLHC presented the relaunch of the signature brand, Concept, as a new upper economy and midscale brand, with the life style appeal of a boutique property.

“Concept projects a fresh colorful personality, with attention for spontaneity providing the revival of a forgotten assets,” he said. “Inspired by the golden age of travel, in mid-century aesthetics, Signature is a breakthrough concept that aims to bring more developers into the family of RLA’s corporation franchisees. We have set out to create a modernized Americana experience that excites guests and allows a solid return on investment to franchise owners. Style and personality do not need to come at a premium when we can scale the unique offering. Utilizing stunning visuals and captivating motifs, Signature will bring to life the luster and feel of the Golden Era of the Americana, creating a truly memorable stand-alone in the upper economy and midscale segments.”

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