USA Technologies Extends Mobile Payments and Loyalty Program to Laundromat Industry

For laundromat customers, the familiar game of quarter collecting and jangling pockets full of change can make doing laundry a frustrating experience. Now, NFC technologies allow consumers to make payments with close-proximity gestures of mobile devices–and earn rewards for doing so.

Wireless device innovator USA Technologies recently adopted its mobile payment service and loyalty program, which will be extended to the multi-billion dollar commercial laundry industry. USA Technologies, which creates mobile payment technologies and M2M telemetry solutions for small retail businesses, will leverage Setomatic Systems’ new SpyderWash Elite laundry machines to deliver discounts to loyal customers using the NFC mobile payment system.

The Setomatic SpyderWash machine uses wireless payments through coin, credit, debit, loyalty cards, and NFC mobile payments. Users are able to participate in the loyalty program through the Softcard app, which uses secure system architecture to enable mobile payments at NFC terminals. What’s more, the Softcard app also allows users to reap benefits and discounts from loyalty programs.

While the recent announcement is an exciting expansion for the laundry market, USA Technologies has already built a great reputation and secure standing for mobile payments. In the U.S., USA Technologies has 150,000 NFC terminal merchant locations and is among the largest NFC providers in the country. They hold locations in American schools, universities, car washes, office complexes, malls, theme parks, and yes–laundromats.

“We are looking forward to rolling out yet another ‘industry first’ in the area of NFC, mobile-based cashless payments and consumer engagement services,” Michael Lawlor, Sr. VP Sales and Business Development, USA Technologies, said in a release. “With Softcard’s efforts to date in the marketplace and the momentum surrounding NFC-enabled mobile payments, we believe NFC and mobile payments are at an important inflection point.”

Mobile payments are on the rise, and NFC terminals are ideal for fast-paced consumer destinations and retail merchants alike.

“We believe that the convenience of mobile payments in highly trafficked, everyday locations like this will serve as a catalyst for adoption and usage among consumers,” Mark McKinney, director of business development, Softcard, added.

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