Distinctive market advantages on road to revolutionizing loyalty industry revealed at semi annual Swift partner meeting.

Swift Exchange, an innovator in the facilitation of global commerce, showcased its ground-breaking rewards payment platform with a live demonstration of its consumer facing online product and revolutionary mobile commerce application at its third semi-annual partner meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 22-23, in New York City at the headquarters of DLA Piper, the international law firm. The high-energy meeting covered a variety of substantial accomplishments and featured 60 professionals, including members of the core leadership team, dedicated advisors, subcontractors and investing Swift Exchange members.

Participants spent two full days reviewing key milestones on Swift Exchange's continuing path to launching a revolutionary global commerce and loyalty operating system. The meeting provided a rich and transparent forum for addressing product interface, technology deployment, intellectual property expansion, security controls and go-to-market approach.

"Our working technology brings Swift Exchange even closer to our goal of redefining and revolutionizing the loyalty industry," said Richard Postrel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Swift Exchange. "Our constituents are more engaged and excited than ever as we advance our development efforts in a steady march to market."

Mr. Postrel added: "What was abundantly evident at this latest partner meeting is our unique approach to hiring and team development. Our management team takes a long-term view of business planning and decision-making and we apply the same thinking in our approach to staffing. We make hiring decisions for the long term, which is why both cultural fit and subject matter expertise play such important roles."

Presentations at the partner meeting included a detailed review of the company's deep and steadily growing portfolio of intellectual property by Swift Exchange Chief Patent Advisor Tony Barkume. Addressing the company's IP assets from an operational perspective, Swift Exchange COO Nancy Gordon provided insights into how the company's IP manifests itself in-market.

"For companies of any size, breakthrough IP is the jet fuel that propels product and service offerings well ahead of the competition and fosters a sustainable competitive advantage," said Ms. Gordon. "At Swift Exchange we view IP as not only an asset but as a powerful foundation to isolate, quantify and realize authentically new ways to transform the loyalty industry."

The Swift Exchange partner meeting also featured a comprehensive look at Swift Exchange's highly adaptive and robust security framework presented by Don Codling, Chief Internet Security Officer. Codling was joined by an elite group of experts, including Shawn Henry, President of the services division of CrowdStrike and former Executive Assistant Director of the FBI's Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services branch, who discussed the challenges and potential solutions surrounding a variety of mission-critical cyber-security issues.

Swift Exchange Chief Product Officer Christian Heller led a presentation showcasing the company's technology, which is up and running, including progress updates on the Swift Exchange consumer user interface, market usability, technology interface, and a mobile demo. Swift Exchange Vice President of Architecture and Development Shirish Arashanapalli updated attendees on the substantial progress being made regarding the technology roadmap and sequencing of the Swift Exchange enterprise system.

"I am greatly impressed with the ways in which Swift Exchange's executive leadership team has remained committed to aligning its technology blueprint, company strategy and overall value proposition to bridge a longstanding and fundamental gap in the loyalty industry," said Arashanapalli.

Mr. Postrel commented: "The consistently powerful and far-reaching achievements addressed at our latest partner meeting attest to the exceptional blend of transparency and depth with which we conduct all aspects of Swift Exchange. Armed with an innovative vision of the loyalty industry, a deep well of IP, a groundbreaking technology platform and a seasoned, highly talented team of veterans, we are well on our way to establishing a new paradigm for the loyalty industry and the world of commerce."

An innovator in global commerce, Swift Exchange has developed a first-of-its kind, powerful, scalable and highly transformative loyalty operating system designed to work with existing and new loyalty programs to provide unprecedented liquidity, transparency and usability of reward points and miles. Using patent-protected technology, Swift Exchange is opening the doors to an entirely new marketplace that will allow reward providers and merchants to interact in ways that enable consumers to quickly and easily combine rewards they have accumulated across a multitude of loyalty programs and spend them as easily as cash. Swift Exchange is owned and operated by Signature Systems LLC. For more information, visit www.swiftexchange.com .



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