Branding Brand is an under-the-radar company whose name you might not know offhand, but whose platform powers the mobile commerce in several names you probably do know. Their client list includes brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Ralph Lauren, Sephora, Anthropologie, Dick’s Sporting Goods, GNC, Steve Madden, TigerDirect, West Marine, Timberland and Crate & Barrel, for example.

Given its access to mobile commerce data and customer conversion rates, Branding Brand has the ability to uncover some interesting trends related to social media and mobile commerce. In data tracked from January to May 2012, the company found social media-driven conversions from mobile users are trending downwards, even as social media-driven visits go up. And the impact of social media in general is minimal when it comes to mobile  - as a whole, it was responsible for less than 1% of referrals to brands’ mobile websites.


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