Mobile Service Requires Only Existing Mobile Phone, No Extra     Equipment, Provides Edge to Wide Range of Merchants from Luxury Art     Dealers to Swap Meet Retailers

SAN DIEGO—As this holiday shopping season begins, many merchants are counting on     increased 2010 sales to make up for the last two years of extremely     challenging sales. For many small or mobile businesses, Transaction     Wireless™ is providing the ideal solution to help maximize holiday     profits and reduce fraud risk with the wCharge     Credit Card “Terminal.” Using only their existing mobile device, no     extra equipment needed, the wCharge service gives merchants – small and     large – peace of mind, increased sales, lowest processing fees, and     reduced fraud by enabling secure mobile credit card transactions. Until     wCharge, many business owners have been restricted to accept cash,      fraud-prone personal checks or use specialized mobile hardware with     expensive merchant processing fees and contracts.

Merchants anywhere from the school fundraising bazaar, church holiday     fundraiser or a photo booth with Santa can accept VISA, MasterCard,      American Express or Discover credit cards, plus PayPal, and issue     receipts via their mobile phones. All credit card activity is completely     secure via an encrypted network and card numbers are never stored on the     mobile phone. Transaction Wireless’ safe and convenient mobile point of     sale solution simply extends the functionality of any merchant account,      offering savings on processing fees and directly affecting the bottom     line – possibly making the “make or break” difference to small and     mobile businesses.

wCharge can be used in a variety of businesses including:

Estate Management (Retail/Resale)

Sarah Lynn of Sound Estate Management has been using wCharge service     since June 2010. The company, based in Seattle, manages estate sales and     specialty property resale including jewelry, furniture and automobiles     and processes a very wide range of charge amounts – everything from a     household trinket to a grand piano or used Porsche.

“I wish I had found wCharge sooner,” said Lynn. “I found the application     at the Blackberry app store. Not only is it convenient, paper free and     needs no additional equipment that can jam up or break, but it’s also     the most fee-competitive service of this type out there. I use my     Blackberry for my business and personal calls, all of my emails and now     it’s my mobile, hassle free credit card processing terminal. wCharge is     outstanding.”

Pool and Hot Tub Servicing (Contractor/home services)

Adam Schenk, owner of Hollywood Pool Patrol, a hot tub and pool cleaning     service in Illinois, has been a wCharge user for 14 months. wCharge cuts     down on his paperwork and is a great management tool – allowing him to     come home at the end of the day and check account balances and     transaction history up to two years on his mobile device – even while     relaxing in his own hot tub.

“We really like the convenience and ease of use,” said Schenk.      “Customers love that we can process their credit card at their homes and     not have to go back to the car or take down their details for processing     back at the office. I also like that we don’t need to keep customers’      personal data and it adds a professional touch to our service.”

Aesthetician (Personal services)

With a growing celebrity clientele, skin fitness expert and therapist     Julie Lindh of Skin Fitness, New York finds herself traveling around the     world – from New York to Stockholm, Spain to South America. With a     global cellular service provider and wCharge on her iPhone, she can     process transactions no matter where her journeys or clients take her.

“My customers love my personal skin treatment programs – it makes them     feel fantastic! They also love that I am able to process their credit     cards with my mobile phone and keep their personal information     protected,” said Lindh. “They particularly appreciate that I email their     receipts straight from my phone, eliminating paper receipts – very     mobile, very green and very cool. I have tried 2 or 3 similar services     before and I found that wCharge is so easy to use, reliable and     affordable for a company like mine.”

wCharge is available on the Verizon Media Store, the AT&T store, iPhone     and iPod Touch and Android devices along with a number of versions for     nearly any phone – no smartphone required. The downloadable application     is free and includes a demo mode so merchants can see how it works     before signing up for the service. wCharge service starts at just $5 per     month and requires no long-term contracts. Perfect for just about any     sized business – from a sole proprietor to a pizza delivery service with     20+ drivers - transactions from multiple phone numbers can be linked to     one account.

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About Transaction Wireless

Transaction Wireless (TW) enables retailers and brands to connect and     engage with their consumers through the power and reach of virtual,      mobile and social gifting, and to become part of their evolving digital     world, through any PC or mobile device. Transaction Wireless’ technology     platform supports a customizable, scalable suite of patented digital     gifting and marketing solutions for today’s online, social and mobile     mediums. The Company is headquartered in San Diego, California and     counts AMC Entertainment, American Eagle Outfitters, Applebee’s,      SpaFinder, Bass Pro Shops and Hallmark Business Connections, as some of     its current clients. More information can be found at

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