ShopKeep POS, New York, which offers and iPad point of sale solution for small businesses, and Boston, Mass.-based mobile payments provider LevelUp, have launched an integrated solution that enables a merchant to process mobile payments and build loyalty right from the store's POS system.

“A lot of businesses where using both as stand-alone solution and saying you guys should do this,” Christina Dorobek, LevelUp vice president of partner development, told Loyalty 360. “It’s our mission to make the payment environment richer and faster.”

About 40 merchants were already customers of LevelUp and ShopKeep, Dorobek added.

With this new integration, merchants can now ring up sales and accept LevelUp payments right from their ShopKeep POS iPad register without switching devices. With the standalone solutions, the merchant had to manually enter the sales price. ShopKeep POS consolidates the LevelUp transactions with all other transaction information, including loyalty programs, into a report that can be accessed anywhere.

The Bean, a coffee shop in New York City with three locations, is the first merchant to use the integrated system.

“I love the ShopKeep POS system because it lets me move customers through the line quickly and their customer support is second to none,” said The Bean owner Ike Escava in a prepared statement. “Now that LevelUp is integrated I can process my cash, credit, and LevelUp transactions all through my ShopKeep iPad register and I get consolidated transaction reports all in one place.”

For every $100 the customer spends, he or she unlocks $10, redeemed seamlessly just by paying with the app at any of The Bean’s locations. This drives additional patron visits, Dorobek explained, because the customer must return to redeem the reward.

With the loyalty solution, merchants see customers return 20 percent quicker with a 7 percent increase in average ticket price, according to Dorobek.

Other merchants will have their own loyalty programs on the integrated LevelUp/ShopKeep system.

“The mobile payment industry is poised for tremendous growth,” said Jason Richelson, ShopKeep POS founder and CEO in a prepared statement. “We are dedicated to making business processes simple for our merchants and always aim to offer them the latest tools in the market. LevelUp shares our sensibility and we are thrilled to work with them.”

“By integrating with ShopKeep, we're making the process of accepting mobile payments easier than ever before. A big part of our continued quest to bring mobile payments to everyone is making LevelUp work seamlessly with the existing systems our merchants use every day. In the coming months, we're excited to bring this integration capability to even more merchants, added LevelUps CEO Seth Priebatsch in a prepared statement.

Among the newest LevelUp merchants, though not on the integrated solution with ShopKeep, is is sweetgreen, a DC-based fast-casual restaurant with farm-to-table salads, wraps and frozen yogurt. The sweetgreen rewards app, a white label solution from LevelUp, enables patrons to pay with their phones and to track progress for the next reward.

The sweetgreen app also features various “statuses” and accompanying perks that customers unlock over time as they pay with the app. Once the customer unlocks green, gold or black status, for example, sweetgreen will donate 1 percent of what the customer spends to local charities dedicated to promoting healthy eating in schools. Currently, charities include DC Farm to School Network in the DC metro area and Fair Food in Philadelphia. The restaurant chain will add organizations to the program as it enters new markets.

The LevelUp system today works with QR codes, with a solution for NFC-capable terminals and mobile phones about 90 days away from completion, according to Dorobek. The NFC solution won’t be launched until there is increased merchant demand for it.

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