Lego Partners with Epic Games in Metaverse Experience

Lego enters the metaverse through a partnership with Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. Epic Games will use its Unreal Engine to build the Lego metaverse. 

Through the partnership, Lego will create a virtual world that allows customers to access products in a virtual environment. Lego invested $2 billion into Epic Games to create a space where children can safely and securely access the Lego brand within a digital environment. 

“Lego bricks are a universal language that transcends generations and cultures and we’re combining the physical and digital worlds to create a new type of play experience that will inspire and engage children and adults alike,” says Niels Christiansen, CEO of Lego. 

Once complete, the metaverse experience will allow users to build virtual Lego sets within the experience. 


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