New Link Hub System Provides First Platform for Global Link Building Programs

NEW YORK, Oct. 5, 2010 – During the Search Marketing Expo here this week, Covario, Inc., one of the nation’s largest independent providers of search marketing software solutions and agency services, introduced “Link Hub”—the latest upgrade to its award-winning Organic Search Insight reporting and prioritization software.

“Essentially, Link Hub is a system by which key domain hubs for each keyword on each search engine are dynamically identified and prioritized to allow advertisers to build scalable linking strategies,” said Craig Macdonald, Covario’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

This advanced link analysis feature, which is scheduled to be integrated into the Covario Organic Search Insight™ reporting system in December, will automatically analyze the top ten URLs in search results for any keyword, identify up to 100 inbound links in the URLs, cross-reference them to see which ones are shared among the top ten URLs, and then apply a weighting algorithm to assign priority – all on a geographic and industry-specific basis.

The system will be effective across 12 different search engines in more than 45 countries represented by 25 languages, including “right to left” languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

“The one area of search engine optimization that has continued to defy large scale automation has been link building,” Macdonald said. “Link Hub will change all that. Our ability to deliver a well optimized list of key domain hubs on a global basis will make the process far more efficient, and the results more consistent than ever before.”

Link Hub takes the keywords advertisers care about and finds the unique domain hubs—those links that search engines view as most important in their ranking algorithms. Link Hub then uses an algorithm of its own to evaluate the keywords’ relative importance, so SEO practitioners make certain that their link building efforts are going against the highest priority opportunities, and do so in a syndicated way.

“Later this year we will be integrating Link Hub into our patent-pending Covario SEO Audit Score, which is currently used by nearly 100 global advertisers to measure and monitor their overall site health,” Macdonald said. “This will make the Audit Score even more indicative of SEO success.”

The other key feature of the system Covario is launching today is the search industry’s first SEO mobile analytic solution. Macdonald called it “SEO for mobile.”  It automatically analyzes keyword rankings on mobile search engines. This feature works in conjunction with the Covario Mobile Search Optimizer™ solution to help advertisers analyze their brand presence on mobile devices and then deploy strategies that will drive improved search engine rankings.

About Covario™

Covario, Inc. is among the nation’s largest independent SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) solutions providers, offering both software and agency services for paid and organic search management. Covario provides large global organizations with robust solutions for paid search advertising, organic search (SEO), social media and display advertising.  Covario enables complex and distributed organizations to control their brand integrity; ensure budget transparency; and deliver quantifiable results across business units, distribution channels and languages.  Headquartered in San Diego, the company’s growing customer base includes some of the world’s best known brands in technology, retail, ecommerce, financial services, consumer electronics, media, entertainment, publishing and consumer packaged goods.  More information about Covario is available by calling 858.397.1500 or online at

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