Cardmobili, a leading provider ofmobile loyalty and member services,      today announced its expansion into Canada.

“After successfully launching the service in Europe and in the US we now     focus on Canada where loyalty programs are widely used and appreciated     by consumers. Cardmobili delivers a comprehensive service that will     please both Canadian consumers and Merchants looking to extend their     programs to mobile devices.” said Jeff Seabloom senior vice president of     U.S. operations for Cardmobili.

Cardmobili (      is a free service that allows consumers to consolidate all of their     loyalty, membership,rewards and association cards and valuable     information(regardless of type) directly into their mobile phones. The     service supports all major smartphones, including iPhone, iPod and iPad (,      Android and Windows Phone operating systems. The service also supports     Java?based phones, including popular models from Samsung, Nokia,LG and     Motorola.

Cardmobili provides a simpleand convenient service for consumers to     access loyalty and membership cards stored on themobile device anytime     and anyplace. Holding the largest collection of cards worldwide, users     can select and update account information for morethan 1,500 programs     and memberships, or choose to add their own custom card online at      For Canada only the database holds 100+ different programs/cards ready     to use by consumers. The service is adding more cards every day based on     direct feedback from consumers and social networks. Cardmobili ‘s     popularity is growing with thousands of users worldwide.

Cardmobili directs its offers to the merchants as well by providing     standard interfaces to ensure seamless integration with merchants’ CRM     systems thus enabling any program with mobile functionality for loyalty     and marketing programs as well as promotions, brand awareness and direct     communication to consumer’s mobile devices without the need for major     investments in systems and infrastructure.

Mobile loyalty programs bring several advantages for card issuers:      on-boarding fee reduction by up to 88%, increasedcustomer interaction,      includingrecognition and incentives for segments of customers. They also     offer the opportunity to drive retail traffic and brand preference with     targeted paper?free vouchers, promotions and rewards.

A short video about the Cardmobili service is available at:

About Cardmobili
Cardmobili is a leading provider of mobile     loyalty service that improves customer engagement,communication and     purchase frequency for retail brands and membership organizations. As     afront end application for mobile devices, Cardmobili enables consumers     to access their loyalty,rewards and membership information without     carrying the physical card. Cardmobili’s loyaltyand membership cloud is     an interactive service that ties directly into card issuers’      databases,connects consumers via social media channels and provides a     variety of interactive channels tooptimize the effectiveness of loyalty     programs. More information about Cardmobili is availableat

The     Cardmobili logo is a trademark of Cardmobili, SA. Cardmobili is not     endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by any     other brands mentioned in this article.

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