Barnes & Noble Launches $40-a-Year Membership, Along with Free Loyalty Program to Better Understand Customers

Barnes & Noble is launching a new membership program that offers 10% discounts, free shipping, a tote bag, and bigger lattes. The new membership will cost $40 annually, taking inspiration from successful membership programs from other companies like Amazon and Walmart.

Additionally, Barnes & Noble will launch a free tier of the membership program. The free tier functions more like a traditional loyalty program, allowing members to earn virtual stamps for every $10 spent and redeem 10 stamps for a $5 discount on future purchases. $40 tier members will also receive the stamps discount.

“If you don’t have a free program, the vast majority of your customers are blank to you,” says James Daunt, CEO of Barnes & Noble. “[Through a free program] you can learn what they are buying, and then promote to them and engage them.”

Barnes & Noble hopes to use the new program to gather more data on customers and more effectively personalize the experience for its members.
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