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RETAIL’S BIG SHOW—Booth #2437: Aruba Networks (NASDAQ:    ARUN |      PowerRating) today announced a new Wi-Fi Solution for       in-store mobile marketing, developed in partnership with Digby       and Nearbuy       Systems, that enables retailers to provide highly-personalized and       differentiated customer interactions. The rapid spread of smartphone       applications, combined with increasingly powerful and intelligent access       networks, enables retailers to connect customers with promotions to       increase revenue and enhance customers’ in-store experience.

Nielsen Research(1) projects that fifty percent of the US       population will own a smartphone by the end of 2011, with two thirds(2)      of them researching products and prices online while in stores.      Innovative retailers are racing to create compelling in-store shopping       experiences to establish and maintain customer loyalty. 3G networks and       legacy 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi networks, designed and deployed for simple       inventory management applications, lack the performance and intelligence       needed to enable these personalized customer experiences. The       combination of 802.11n (300Mbps) Wi-Fi performance with advanced       wireless network security and management enables retailers to connect       with their customers in new and compelling ways.

In a December 2010 survey of retail IT departments conducted by Aruba,      78 percent of respondents said they had in-store Wi-Fi, but 53 percent       noted that its primary use is currently “Inventory Control”. “Wireless       point-of-sale (PoS) Enablement” and “Associate Productivity (voice)”      were listed as the second and third most common current uses for       in-store Wi-Fi. This will likely shift toward more customer-experience       focused applications, as demonstrated by the 38 percent who list       “Customer Wi-Fi Access” and the 29 percent who name “Self-Shopping” as       targets for deployment in the next two years. Thirty-six percent of       survey respondents represented organizations with more than 1,000       stores, while 19 percent have 50 or fewer stores.

The Aruba Wi-Fi solution for in-store mobile marketing consists of:

Secure and Scalable In-Store Wi-Fi

Aruba’s 802.11n Wi-Fi solutions include an ICSA-certified stateful       firewall to protect retail networks from public access, and adaptive       coverage management to ensure uninterrupted operation even when hundreds       of customers connect at the same time in the same store. Per user       firewall policy enforcement allows quality of service (QoS), bandwidth       limits, and time-of-day and location restrictions based on the       relationship between the customer and the retailer.

In-store Customer Wi-Fi Engagement

Aruba’s Amigopod software enables retailers to securely register       customers and reliably deliver personalized access and targeted messages       including special merchandise offers and advertisements to them.

Wi-Fi Optimized Smartphone Applications

Collaboration between Aruba and its partner and mobile commerce leader Digby       enables retailers to offer a rich and personalized shopping experience       to its customers with smartphone applications. Performance and location       intelligence available through Aruba’s Wi-Fi improve application       responsiveness and increase the relevance of offers made to customers       inside the store.

Presence and Location Intelligence

Aruba’s 802.11n Wi-Fi provides real-time presence information to enable       store-level message targeting. Aruba’s partnership with Nearbuy       Systems allows retailers to get granular, product and area level message       targeting as well as in-store navigation capabilities.

“Retailers’ success depends on their ability to provide the best       possible in-store shopping experience to their best customers, who are       increasingly using smartphones in-store for product and price       comparison,” said Andrew Borg, senior research analyst for Wireless &      Mobility at the Aberdeen Group. “With their partners Digby and Nearbuy,      Aruba is the first WLAN vendor to put together a compelling Wi-Fi       solution that enables retailers to deliver a highly personalized and       differentiated mobile shopping experience.”

“Legacy retail Wi-Fi networks are designed for simple mobile worker       applications,” said Manish Rai, director of retail marketing at Aruba       Networks. “The explosion of smartphones and tablets has made customer       Wi-Fi access table stakes for retail businesses

. Aruba’s in-store Wi-Fi       solution enables retail customers to connect more directly and more       intimately with their customers.”

For additional information

,  please read On-Premises Mobile Retail:      Empowering Deeper Customer Engagement, a new report by Aberdeen,      available as a free download from the Aruba web site:      Detailed information on Aruba retail solutions is available on the Aruba       web site:

Please visit us at NRF Retail’s BIG Show booth #2437 to see       personalized, location-aware instant in-store mobile marketing demo over       Aruba Wi-Fi network.

Please also register for “Mobile Retail 2011: The Impact of       Smartphones, Tablets, and Wi-Fi (R)” with Aberdeen’s senior       analyst Andrew Borg and principal analyst Sahir Anand. You may register       here:

(1) The Nielsen Company, “US Smartphone Penetration to Be       over 50 percent in 2011,” March 2010

(2) Gartner, “Mobile Consumer Shopping Preferences, 2010:      U.S.,” December 2010

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