Archer Roose Uses Humor To Build Customer Loyalty with Its “Book Club” Marketing Campaign

Playing on the idea of exclusive clubs and offering, Archer Roose launched the Elizabeth Banks Book Club, using humor to inspire customer loyalty and engagement. The wine brand — famous for upsetting the industry with wine in a can — launched the concept of a fake book club, where members skip the reading and go directly to drinking wine with friends. 

To join the club, customers can follow Acher Roose on Instagram. “Members” of the club are encouraged to share their book titles, call “book club meetings” and brag about their participation and display the image of being a member of an exclusive program. 

"Now you can have a book club meeting with your friends or family and not have to worry about if you read the book or not," says Archer Roose CEO Marian Leitner. "It's all about the wine and not taking ourselves too seriously."  

Acher Roose is known for taking trends in customer loyalty and adding an element of humor. The brand announced its Archer Roose Rewards Program with a promotion to mail a free snake to members who purchase 100,000 cases of wine and joked about creating a Metaverse experience before deciding wine was best enjoyed in real life. 


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