ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Targets Customer Experience for Younger Generation of Consumers

Bob Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, told Loyalty360 that his company listened to its younger generation of customers and opted to elevate the customer experience via current technology to, hopefully, gain more brand loyalty.

Orlando-based ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is Florida’s oldest and largest wine and spirits merchant with almost 150 stores throughout the state.

Last November, Drizly and ABC Fine Wine & Spirits introduced, for the first time ever, on-demand alcohol delivery to the Tampa market. The combination of the technology savvy residents and the young professional population made Tampa a strong market for both partners.

Legal-age consumers in downtown Ft. Lauderdale and Coral Springs will now be able to use the Drizly mobile app or website to shop and order from thousands of ABC’s alcohol beverage products with delivery in less than one hour.

By simply downloading the free Drizly mobile app on iOS and Android devices or by visiting, consumers can receive convenient alcohol delivery directly from one of the two ABC store partners in Broward County. Once downloaded, consumers will find a shopping experience that is informative, customized and fun. The virtual shelves are populated with the same large selection of beer, wine, and spirits found in ABC stores.
Gibson explained that providing delivery is a response to customer demand and a service the company expects to grow in the future.

“We’ve noticed a shift with the younger generation of consumers,” Gibson explained to Loyalty360. “They lean heavily on technology and have higher customer experience expectations from retailers, including increased convenience. We expect this move will impact the customer loyalty of the younger generation of consumers−the elusive millennial−making it more stable.”

Gibson believes that ABC Fine Wine & Spirits can fulfill customers’ expectations of ease and convenience when they order via Drizly.

“Many consumers feel they need to make several stops while they organize a party or gathering,” Gibson said. “This service cuts that out from their list. We also expect to reach those who would otherwise not have made it into the physical store. We are offering them an in-store shopping alternative. Our customers have always been a big part of our success. And while in the past being a loyal customer meant being a repeat customer, the definition has definitely evolved in recent years. Loyal customers nowadays are those who also serve as brand ambassadors. Not only do they shop at ABC regularly, but they also advocate for the brand and brand values. Innovation has opened new channels for consumers to communicate with brands and now they expect to have a two-way conversation with brands that will allow them to have a say on where the brand is headed. We are all for it! This has helped us better understand who our customer is and how to better serve them, hence, the implementation of a delivery service.”

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits has been in operation for 80 years.

“A lot has changed since we first opened in 1936, but our desire for excellent customer service has remained the same,” Gibson added. “Now we offer more options than we did in the past and we have educated staff whose primary goal is great service. They are trained to become experts in everything; wine, craft beer, cigars ... that’s what makes a difference.”

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