Three Reasons Why Marketers Should Be Using Advanced Analytics

  • April 22 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Nate Thompson, ICF Next

Today, marketers are relying on analytics to aid and guide practically every decision they make. Implementing marketing analytics allows organizations to pinpoint specific groups of customers, measure success, and drive decisions.This is more...Read More

If You Only Remember One Thing – Test and Retest For Superior Customer Experience

  • April 02 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Rob Maille, Head of Customer Experience and Strategy, CommerceCX

Consumer expectations are higher than ever before, and the importance of a strong customer experience is morphing into a highly personalized, highly demanding landscape. With the rise of technology and big data, personalization offers brands a...Read More

Reviving the Intercept Interview

  • April 18 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Katrina Noelle

How do you get authentic, rich feedback from customers quickly?  Interview them where they are.  Qualitative Intercept Interviews (QIIs) deliver in the moment authenticity and ensure the feedback is grounded in actual/recent behavior as...Read More

Three Loyalty Predictions from Oracle

  • April 02 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Peter Mills | Loyalty360

Companies have begun to create new, non-traditional roles. Positions like “Chief Customer Officer” are being added to companies across a multitude of industries. In addition, subscription services have entered the retail space and are...Read More

Igniting Loyalty in Low-Frequency Categories

  • April 17 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Guy Cierzan

Successful customer loyalty in low-frequency categories can be attributed to these best practices. The convergence of big data, social media and omnichannel marketing are causing a tectonic shift for brands and organizations. As a result, more...Read More

3 Benefits of Subscription-Based Loyalty Programs

  • April 02 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Tad Fordyce, Epsilon

There’s been a lot of discussions around subscription-based loyalty programs and if brands should incorporate the model into their existing customer experience strategy. For brands thinking about offering a subscription-based program –...Read More

Missed Opportunities: 3 Ways To Use Transactional Emails To Increase Brand Lift

  • April 16 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Samantha Iodice, Director, Omnichannel Communications, Brierley+Partners

The stroke of midnight, May 25th, 2018 marked the effective implementation date of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Although GDPR is applicable to EU countries, the ripple effect in our global, internet...Read More

How a Subscription Box Company Can Increase Profits by Utilizing Social Media

  • April 02 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Jonathan Beskin

When subscription boxes first entered the marketplace, they quickly became a major hit. With what seems to many like overnight success, the subscription box method began to trend due to their themes and overall value.  One of the value points...Read More

Considering a CDP? Look Before You Leap

  • April 12 2019
  • Resource: Loyalty Today
  • Carl Madaffari, Epsilon

What to think about before investing in marketing technology.Think back to the last time you bought a car. You probably had a pretty good idea of what you were looking to get out that vehicle:Whether you’d be cruising...Read More

3 Clever Ways to Transform Employees into Brand Ambassadors

  • March 11 2019
  • Loyalty Management: Articles
  • Millie Blackwell, CEO and co-founder, Showcase Workshop

Your most valuable sales and marketing resource is sitting all around you, caring for your customers, building your products and delivering your services.Your employees are your greatest allies in exhibiting your brand value and singing your...Read More

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