Wyndham Rewards Loyalty Program Expands Toward “Industry-defining Shift”

In what he labels a “monumental, industry-defining shift” for Wyndham Rewards, Noah Brodsky, senior vice president, worldwide loyalty and engagement, Wyndham Hotel Group, told Loyalty360 that by becoming the first hospitality company to expand its loyalty program to include not only hotels, but also timeshare resorts and vacation rentals globally, “our scale makes us unlike anyone else out there.”

This week, Wyndham Rewards announced plans to expand its award-winning loyalty program across one of the world’s largest hospitality companies, Wyndham Worldwide, starting with the immediate addition of more than 17,000 condos and homes to the program’s nearly 8,000 hotel redemption portfolio.

Wyndham Rewards members can choose from 25,000 hotels, condos, and homes around the world to redeem their points for a free night by visiting www.WyndhamRewards.com/Redeem.  A free night at any Wyndham Rewards hotel can be redeemed for just 15,000 points, while a free night across the new 17,000 options in the portfolio can be redeemed for just 15,000 points per bedroom, per night.

“For too long, loyalty programs have centered solely around hotels,” Brodsky explained. “Just because people have different travel needs doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be rewarded. With our unmatched portfolio, Wyndham Worldwide is uniquely positioned to change the game by expanding Wyndham Rewards to include, not just our hotels, but now vacation condos and homes. In a little over eighteen months, we’ve worked to create the best loyalty program out there. This effort only builds upon the program by making it easier for our members to travel where and how they want, regardless of location or type of accommodation.”

Wyndham Rewards is embracing the reality that no two travelers and no two trips are alike.

“People have different travel needs and those needs change from trip to trip, year to year,” Brodsky said. “We’re already the world’s most generous hotel loyalty program and now, with this expansion, members have more ways and more places to redeem with us than ever before.”

Wyndham Rewards has always pushed the envelope, epitomized the definition of a challenger brand, and broken down walls for the rest of its industry.

“Even though we’ve climbed to the top of the loyalty rankings, we still very much consider ourselves a challenger brand,” Brodsky added. “A little over a year a half ago, we shook up the hotel loyalty space by completely re-imagining what Wyndham Rewards could be. Since then, we’ve been doing everything we can to innovate within the space. That started with first creating the world’s simplest, most generous loyalty program and continues today with our unprecedented expansion across condos and homes. We never want to be complacent and are always pushing for more.”

With a seemingly endless array of rewards programs out there, consumers are inundated with offers every day, Brodsky noted.

“What’s more, they’re getting loyalty fatigue,” he said. “The average consumer has twenty-plus loyalty memberships, but only actually uses about seven of them. We want to be in that seven and so we’ve made a conscious decision to take a hard stance against the tricks and confusing rules that so many programs are built around these days and, instead, offer a simple, generous, and ultimately, more compelling alternative.”

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