Officials at Verint Systems Inc. want companies to be able to measure digital customer experiences. As a result, Verint extended itsCustomer Engagement Optimization portfolio through the acquisition of OpinionLab, a provider of continuous Voice of the Customer listening solutions that drive smarter, real-time digital engagement.

Loyalty360 caught up with Ben Smith, vice president & general manager, customer experience solutions, Verint, to learn more about what the company’s plans are.

How will Verint’s customers benefit from the acquisition of OpinionLab?

Smith: With more customers than ever taking a “digital-first” approach to how they conduct research, perform transactions and solve problems, today’s organizations need the ability to measure these digital experiences and act quickly on the resulting insights to deliver consistent, personalized service; foster seamless transitions from digital self-service to assisted service channels; and connect the complete customer journey.

Through its acquisition of OpinionLab, a leader in customer-initiated digital channel Voice of the Customer (VoC), Verint has extended its customer engagement optimization portfolio to do just that.

With this combination comes the ability to measure digital transactional interactions on web and mobile devices, and analyze and act on feedback in-the-moment during the actual digital customer journey. Together with the OpinionLab, Verint offers the broadest VoC suite for listening, analyzing and acting on the voice of the customer across channels—digital, voice, text and social.

How do OpinionLab’s solutions enhance web and mobile customer experiences and engagement?

Smith: Among the most recognized parts of the OpinionLab brand is the [+] symbol that appears on many websites. OpinionLab provides continuous Voice of the Customer listening solutions that drive smarter, real-time business action. Its solutions are used by world-leading brands to optimize digital customer experiences and engagement, and are based on the premise that listening to customers is important, but more important, is the need to listen to them on their terms and react quickly and effectively to their feedback.

To do this, OpinionLab offers digital feedback management solutions for measuring and analyzing digital transactional interactions on web and mobile devices. Its solutions deliver “customer-initiated feedback” that enables companies to analyze and act on feedback in real-time during key moments in the digital customer journey. 

What does this acquisition mean for Verint?

Smith: In today’s age of the customer, it has become critical for organizations to develop a complete view across channels and the customer journey, and that includes the ability to measure the digital experience.
By acquiring OpinionLab, Verint has extended its Customer Engagement Optimization portfolio—and as part of that it’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) suite—to include the ability to measure and act on digital customer experiences in the moment. Through this combined solution set, organizations can now listen, analyze and act on the VoC across digital, voice, text and social interactions.

This business combination is highly complementary with Verint’s existing VoC solutions—such as enterprise feedback management, speech analytics, and text and social analytics—and enables us to offer the industry’s first single-vendor solution set for listening, analyzing and acting on the VoC across all interaction channels and customer journey touch points.

VoC offerings are so crucial today, especially for brands that leverage them productively. What is Verint’s take on the current state of VoC solutions and do enough brands use them or use them wisely?

Smith: More and more companies today are investing in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, yet some still with siloed customer listening approaches. This can translate into using different technologies and metrics within different departments, and even across different touch points in the customer journey. From there can come blind spots, where listening happens only at certain points of the customer journey. And it’s here that challenges can arise—i.e., organizations gaining conflicting and incomplete views of the customer experience and journey, and then making important business decisions based only on partial information. 

When implemented and operationalized as part of a wider scope and initiative, we see great impact. This involves CX leaders and others across the organization:

Listening, analyzing and acting on customer feedback across all points along the customer journey,

Sharing those insights across groups and departments, and

Leveraging multiple sources of VoC to make decisions.

For example, an organization that can aggregate data from relationship and transactional surveys, comment cards and customer initiated feedback across digital, contact center and other touch points, and who supplements this data with analytics from recorded calls (through speech analytics) and other unstructured forms (such as social media and chat conversations through text and social analytics) will have more complete information from which to make better business decisions.

With the acquisition of OpinionLab, we believe that Verint provides more ways for organizations to act on VoC data—meaning if a customer can say it, write it, or click it, our Voice of the Customer solution set can collect, analyze, and enable an organization to take action on it.  

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