Uber Eats Announces Certified Virtual Restaurant Program

Uber Eats launched a virtual restaurant program initiative, allowing merchants to create more consistent, reliable virtual restaurant experiences for guests. Partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts, Nextbite, and Acelerate, Uber Eats hopes to make virtual restaurant operations more streamlined and effective for merchants. 

The program adds to Uber Eats’ efforts to refocus its virtual restaurant operations to provide more quality for consumers and merchants. With the massive growth of virtual restaurants following the pandemic, Uber hopes to provide those brands with more effective platforms. 

“With the boom in virtual restaurant over the past several years, we’ve noticed a wide range of approaches to creating virtual restaurant brands,” says John Mullenholz, Uber’s head of Virtual Restaurants and Dark Kitchens for the U.S. & Canada. “We’re excited about launching this program to connect the best virtual brand builders in the industry with small businesses across the country.” 

The Certified Virtual Restaurant Program allows merchants to access a variety of restaurant concepts curated by Uber to improve the customer experience in terms of menu quality, operations, and branding. Participating restaurants can access creators’ account management and customer success teams, leveraging their expertise to operate a quality virtual restaurant on the Uber Eats platform. 


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