The Finish Line CXThere is a lot of talk now about leveraging a seamless and digitally connected omni-channel customer experience. To engage customers and to increase convenience and relevance, consumers now expect to be able to engage with a brand where, when, and how they wish.

It’s tempting to think of this customer engagement strategy in terms of Millennials and Centennials, and those among the younger generations who are naturally tech savvy and more socially connected. But the truth is that this is a customer experience that applies to all consumers. Everyone is looking for a relevant customer experience, and those that can deliver will win more brand loyalty in the end.

The real trick, however, is for brands to understand their customers, and to know what they will find meaningful.

This approach reflects the commitment that The Finish Line makes to its customers. The Finish Line understands what its customers find authentic, and this has just been further bolstered by the launch of a new campaign and brand image.

Finish Line’s “EPIC FINISH” stands as an innovative, modernized, and digital omni-channel campaign that takes a fresh approach to define the brand as a leading footwear provider. The initial launch seeks to inspire and engage core segments of Finish Line’s audience by recruiting NBA forward Anthony Davis and hip-hop artist Big Sean. Both superstars purport to encapsulate a style and attitude that brings a high degree of authenticity to Finish Line customers.

Through a variety of digital content including numerous video media spots, styled still photography, and exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews, EPIC FINISH will be connected across a host of channels to make the message accessible to consumers regardless of how they engage.

“EPIC FINISH will be visible and integrated across all touchpoints, giving us the opportunity to inspire and engage our customers on an ongoing basis,” said Imran Jooma, Finish Line Chief Omni-channel Officer and Executive VP. “This is an important moment in time for our brand. It’s not a campaign. It’s not a tagline. It’s an emotional connection point for our consumer to directly connect with the Finish Line brand.”Finish Line's Epic Finish

Even though the new campaign is digital in nature, the EPIC FINISH will also be introduced inside stores as well, which will further facilitate its ability to offer a seamless customer experience.

No matter which touchpoint a customer uses, Finish Line will be there to deliver the content and products they are seeking.

“The EPIC FINISH position speaks directly to the attitudes and preferences of our core consumer surrounding the culture, innovation and style of sneakers,” Michael Grimes, Finish Line VP of Omni-channel Marketing, said.

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