New Website, Messaging and Logo Highlight SVM’s Solutions that Motivate

CHICAGO, May 7, 2013 – SVM, LP, a global leader in providing incentive and motivation solutions, proudly announces the launch of its new brand identity and marketing campaign – Solutions that Motivate. The new messaging and campaign heightens SVM’s commitment to providing exceptional products and services that drive positive behaviors.

“We are, and always have been, a company that provides rewards people want and need – and these rewards drive positive behavior,”explains President Jim Leroux. “Now, our brand and marketing messages have caught up with who we are. SVM provides organizations with solutions that motivate, and our tools are gift cards, eGift, promotional and reward cards, and network prepaid cards.”

The launch includes a new campaign website, logo and brand identity.The new website features inspirational success stories using gift cards to motivate and incentivize. The corporate logo was modernized to reflect the new messaging focus on solutions.

As part of the campaign, SVM is conducting research to uncover and reinforce industry-wide trends. Data about incentive and motivation programs is being gathered from human resources departments and marketing and sales professionals. Findings will be published on the new website and blog.

“With our new messaging, we are going deeper than talking about gift cards,” Leroux says. “We believe it’s about providing that favorite cup of coffee, or dinner at a restaurant, or a full tank of gas when you weren’t expecting it. We help our customers find the right reward for their customers and employees.”

SVM’s customers include professionals in human resources, sales and marketing, and third parties that serve their needs like advertising agencies or incentive companies. HR professionals may use SVM’s solutions to motivate team members or reward them for a job well done. Marketing professionals may seek to increase brand trials. Sales professionals may be looking to increase sales. SVM can help any business or organization that has a need to motivate and incentivize.

For more information, visit the new website at


Since 1997, SVM has been helping its customers provide the right rewards that incentivize and motivate in an efficient and reliable way. Headquartered in suburban Chicago, IL, SVM also has offices in the United Kingdom, serving all of Europe. SVM’s products include gift cards, network prepaid cards, promotional and reward cards, eGift and award codes, gift card management services and gift card fulfillment services. By supplying in-demand brands that people want and need, and innovative products using the latest in technological advances, SVM drives positive behaviors. 

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