Officials at Staples, the world’s largest office solutions provider, and one of the biggest Internet retailers, wanted to ramp up their customer engagement efforts and, through a new partnership with Managed by Q−a web-based technology platform that connects business with the services they need to run a workspace and consolidate vendor management−they have.

With the new partnership, Staples will now provide customers in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco access to Managed by Q’s suite of office services. The platform lets users hire, communicate with, pay, and review providers of over 100 different services, from cleaners and handymen to IT support and even workplace yoga. In the coming months, Staples and Managed by Q expect to expand the service and create more solutions that make it easier to run the office.

What’s more, Managed by Q will gain access to Staples’ growing customer base of small and medium-sized businesses, while Staples customers can now access a significantly expanded suite of office services. Staples is again bringing an innovative offering to market to solve the pain points of the office manager, similar to the recent announcement of a digital Easy Button for ordering and customer service.

Peter Cox, director digital services & eCommerce strategy, Staples, talked to Loyalty360 about the new partnership.

“Staples’ goal is to make it easy to run the office,” Cox explained. “Essentially, we want to become the office manager’s extra set of hands by providing a one-stop solution for all products and services. Also, by bringing the service providers to them, we’re keeping our customers engaged with Staples and our offering.”

In partnership with Managed Q, Cox said, Staples can now provide more than 100 new office services to its customers, in areas like office cleaning and facility repairs.

“We’re also making it easy for mid-market businesses to manage their vendors, through Managed by Q’s smart platform, giving them time back to focus on running their businesses,” Cox added.

Gathering customer feedback is an ongoing mission at Staples.

“Staples is constantly listening to customers and improving based on their feedback,” Cox explained. “Our businesses use a variety of digital and traditional tools, including customer focus groups, online satisfaction surveys, online feedback panels, and customer advocacy groups to find the solutions that will best resonate with our customers.”

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