Solving the Challenge of Data, Analytics, and Creating Insight to Drive Customer Loyalty

Competitive pressures to leverage customer data effectively continue to mount. Tools for accessing and using data are becoming more numerous, but loyalty marketers want to know how to create actionable insights that can help drive customer engagement and customer loyalty.

Loyalty360 will host a webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017, titled, “CMO Challenge Report: The Challenge of Data, Analytics, and Creating Insight (Part 2),” that will focus on the challenge of data overload, data integration and management, and uncovering actionable insights.

Loyalty360 CEO and CMO Mark Johnson will be the webinar’s featured speaker and it will include insights from brands such as Jet Blue, ULTA Beauty, Crayola, and UnitedHealthcare.

“Driving customer loyalty in all its forms and facets exists as one of the preeminent marketing efforts currently in effect,” the report says. “Even though it is finally being recognized as a powerful marketing tool, gaining customer loyalty still presents a major challenge for most organizations. Brands and marketers must first understand their customers. Knowledge of the customer is also one of the first steps toward building the personalized customer experiences consumers now want and expect. As an unbiased, objective, and market-driven association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 is in a unique position to help brands navigate the challenges they now face. To understand the evolving facets and features of the contemporary marketing landscape, we regularly speak with those who exist at the frontlines of this paradigm shift.”

Loyalty360 uses the comprehensive CMO Challenge reports to gain understanding about how leading companies are integrating the cutting-edge tools, technology, and platforms to empower strategic services that lead to true customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Loyalty360 posed the following question: “What are the challenges you face with data, analytics, and creating actionable insights today and how has that changed over the last 18 months?” and the report contains a variety of intriguing responses from companies.

The report yielded four new themes:

Technology Fragmentation

Analytic Talent on Staff

Understanding Generation Z

Unexpected Discoveries

Eric Messerschmidt, SVP marketing strategy, loyalty, and CRM at Ulta Beauty, says in the report: “It’s always a challenge to get great people. We have a great team here with really smart analysts, and people that develop our customer consumer insights and market researchers, but that’s a challenge for a lot of businesses now because there’s demand for that talent. With so much data, we must have the people that possess the skills to decipher it, analyze it, and make it actionable. We think we’ve done well in that regard and continue to bring on great team members.”

Caroline Larson, director of CRM & loyalty at Caribous Coffee, says in the report: ““I wish I had more insight around the Generation Z and Millennial group. I know that many different companies are putting a focus on that as well. But the more information that we have on how to communicate with them, what resonates with them, what they wish they would see in a loyalty program, and so on, I think those would all be great insights to where we want to take Caribou Perks, as well as Caribou Coffee, in general.”

The CMO Challenge Webinar Series has received an overwhelmingly positive response and can be streamed on-demand on the newly renovated A CMO Challenge webinar on brand alignment is set for Oct. 3, 2017.

All webinar registrants will receive a copy of the report after the event.

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