Sohalo Announces New Unified Identity Technology to Simplify Loyalty

Sohalo, a leading SaaS marketing-loyalty platform company increasing global enterprises’ revenues and engagement, recently announced the launch of a new technology that will provide companies with a method to simplify customer acquisition and integrated personalized experiences.

Sohalo’s Unified Identity is an innovative B2B marketing-loyalty sign-in solution that allows consumers to use their existing digital identities from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo to join a company’s loyalty program or log into a company’s website. Unified Identity allows marketers to reduce the steps in the customer sign-up experience, increase customer log-ins, and personalize user experiences. By combining consumers’ social-digital identities with their loyalty program and CRM IDs, Sohalo delivers a robust end-to-end view of the customer and boosts the value of customers’ identities.  

“With only a few clicks, Sohalo provides consumers with a simple and quick process to create accounts and log into enterprises' loyalty programs and customer systems using the consumers' preferred social and digital identities,” Mickey Geraghty, Sohalo's Head of Product and Co-Founder, told Loyalty360. “By seamlessly connecting loyalty programs to consumers’ social-digital lives, Sohalo increases customer engagement while making it easy for enterprises to deploy a powerful solution to acquire and engage customers.”

According to a release by Sohalo, major brands are improving marketing results by working with Sohalo, including 14% more customer visits, 29% increased revenue per customer visit, and 10x more consumer engagement.

If marketers also use Sohalo’s Offers Engine, Sohalo’s loyalty rewards system, in conjunction with Unified Identity, Sohalo enables the consumer to choose the social-digital channel in which they wish to engage with brands, while empowering marketers to deliver highly personalized offers and rewards in those preferred channels.

 “Consumers and marketers appreciate the speed and simplicity of using existing digital identities to engage with enterprises’ loyalty programs and sites,” Geraghty said in a release. “Sohalo’s solution advances the loyalty industry further by seamlessly extending the power of unified identities into personalized valued rewards that drive meaningful results.”

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