Certain colors have long been associated with the back-to-school season:  yellow for pencils, red for apples, and black and white for the marblelike covers of composition books. Now a company is hoping to add green to that list.

The company is Recyclebank, which encourages consumers to become more environmentally conscious by offering them rewards like deals and discounts from brands that include Coca-Cola, Kashi, Macy’s and Ziploc.

Recyclebank, which has 2.7 million members in the United States and Britain, is introducing its first campaign focused on the start of the school year. The centerpiece of the campaign, called the Recyclebank Green Your School Year Challenge, is a contest online, at schoolyear.recyclebank.com.

The campaign, which began on Wednesday, is to continue through Sept. 30.  It is the first campaign for Recyclebank being created by Blue State Digital in Washington, which is the new digital agency of record for the company.

The interactive experience at schoolyear.recyclebank.com is divided into three sections: back-to-school shopping, the first day of school and after-school activities. Right now, it is shopping time, reflecting the real-world calendar.

The shopping section has seven parts, each taking place at a different time from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For instance, at 11 a.m. it is time to compile the back-to-school shopping list. “Pledge to fill your shopping list with organic, recycled or recyclable products,” the screen prompts.

At noon, in the school supplies aisle of a store, there are two quizzes to take.

And at 2 p.m., in a store’s dressing room, visitors are encouraged to check out “six ways to green your T-shirt.”

Members of Recyclebank who visit the Web site can accumulate points for answering quiz questions, pledging to take eco-friendly actions,  learning how to help the environment and referring friends to Recyclebank.

Bonus points are offered for ecological tips that visitors to schoolyear.recyclebank.com can submit as they take part in the challenge.

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