SundaySky Customer EngagementPersonalization continues to be a hot topic in loyalty marketing, and if SundaySky’s success is any indicator, the trend shows no signs of slowing. In creating personalized SmartVideos, the company allows clients to engage with customers at a level that was previously unreachable through traditional visual media.

Using data from CRM systems, industry standard billing platforms, and product catalogs, the videos have the potential to engage viewers and provide a unique addition to 1-to-1 marketing efforts.

“This 500 million SmartVideos mark is a testament of SundaySky’s commitment to transforming the brand-customer relationship through personalized video and another step toward achieving our vision of a world where personalized video is recognized as the norm for brand-to-consumer communication,” said Shmulik Weller, SundaySky’s CEO and co-founder. “The company’s growth mirrors the sophistication of our market and is fueled by the personalized, one-to-one communications that brands depend on to engage with their customers.”

The platform has become a popular engagement tool, with the company providing personalized videos to high-profile brands including Comcast, Allstate, and AT&T. The videos deliver relevant, engaging content to customers of these brands, catering to the elusive “audience of one” that marketers seek to target.

SundaySky CMO Jeff Hirsch emphasized the impending demand for personalized engagement touchpoints.

“Brands are looking to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with prospective and existing customers,” Hirsch told Loyalty360. “The demand to personalize marketing messaging is driven by brands looking to build loyalty and relationships that are unique and long lasting. By turning to personalized video engagement tools like SundaySky’s SmartVideo Platform, these brands can finally create true loyalty with consumers through relevant and SundaySky Customer Engagementpersonalized content. SundaySky’s 500 million SmartVideo announcement is indicative of the company's success in filling a market need for personalized video engagement across industries. SundaySky's SmartVideos give brands the opportunity to market to the audience of one, reaching consumers with video content that drives meaningful relationships and amplifies customer loyalty.”

As SundaySky moves toward the future, SmartVideo technology continues to grow. More than 1 million SmartVideos are viewed daily, and are available in mobile, desktop, and set-top formats. SundaySky’s goal is to improve customer engagement on a 1-to-1 basis, and the company now has 500 million reasons to believe it’s achieved just that.

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