Pandora recently launched a sustainable jewelry collection using 100% recycled gold and silver, and lab-grown diamonds. The launch is part of the brand’s corporate social responsibility initiative and part of the company’s goal to become a low-carbon business. “If we look at the CO2 emissions of our company, the vast majority that sits within our own four walls is linked to production,” says the Copenhagen-based company. “So, then we said, okay, let’s have a look at production.”

The company buys hundreds of tons of silver each year, and the team knew that using recycled silver has only a fraction of the environmental impact of newly mined silver. Inside their own production facility, they were already sourcing recycled metals. In 2020, the company pledged to move to recycled silver and gold for all of its jewelry by 2025.

The new collection, with 33 items, is the company’s first to use 100% recycled metals.

Pandora wants to send a signal that there’s demand for recycled silver and gold. “We’re trying to kind of make a big deal out of this so that more people follow this path,” says Alexander Lacik, CEO of Pandora.

The company also wants to help push the industry toward lab-grown diamonds. Last year, Pandora announced it would no longer use mined diamonds, switching exclusively to lab grown. Lab-grown diamonds can avoid other ethical challenges in mining, including child labor.

If the entire diamond industry shifted away from mining, Pandora calculated that society would avoid 6 million tons of carbon emissions a year, or roughly the equivalent of converting every car in New York City to an electric vehicle.

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