Omni Hotels Partners with Rioja USA to Add Nice Aroma to Customer Experience

When officials at Omni Hotels & Resorts sought a partner for 2017 to elevate cultural customer experiences for their guests, one name came to mind: Rioja USA.

Omni Hotels & Resorts has partnered with Rioja USA for the luxury hotel brand’s 2017 “Flavors of the World” series. Returning Oct. 1 2017, and available through Dec. 31, 2017, the annual culinary program will be known as “Discover Rioja” and will spotlight this north-central region of Spain and its undiscovered culture, wine, and cuisine through signature Omni programming nationwide.

Inherent to each “Flavors of the World” campaign is extensive chef-training at The Culinary Institute of America and a much-coveted immersion trip where Omni’s culinary team will explore every corner of Rioja and gain first-hand experience of the region’s wine, cuisine and culture so they may bring back authentic and delicious experiences to their hotels and restaurants.

Internationally, this is the largest group of culinary professionals Rioja has ever hosted and will help organically expand Rioja’s messaging in a truly authentic way for the brand.

David Morgan, vice president of food & beverage for Omni Hotels & Resorts, explained to Loyalty360 how the partnership formed.

“When looking for a partner for 2017, we immediately thought of Rioja USA,” Morgan said. “Rioja is the premier wine-making region of Spain and it has so much to offer in terms of history and tradition. All of these rich cultural experiences are what we want to bring to our guests. The program, at its core, revolves around education and experience. We believe that our guests will have a unique, memorable experience with ‘Discover Rioja’ while savoring authentic Spanish cuisine and Rioja wines. Our ultimate goal is that the program is something they’ll look forward to each year.”

“Flavors of the World” is one of Omni’s signature food and beverage programs that is held annually.
“In past years, we’ve partnered with Wines of Chile, Wines of Washington State, and have also featured the wines and foods of Italy, Argentina, and France,” Morgan said.
This marks the 10th installment of “Discover Rioja.”
“We’re constantly evolving the elements, keeping in mind our guests’ satisfaction,” Morgan added. “Thus far, guest sentiment has been extremely positive.”
Morgan is excited about what this partnership means for Omni’s customer experience offerings.
“This campaign not only builds anticipation for our guests every year but also keeps Omni top of mind as an experiential destination (not just a place to sleep!),” he explained. “When staying at an Omni property during ‘Discover Rioja’ campaign dates, guests are able to transport themselves to Spain and get a taste of the region’s culture. We provide the food, wine, and traditions of the region all in one place!”

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