Offering Luxury, Fontainebleau Las Vegas Announces Fontainebleau Rewards, a Tiered and Inclusive Loyalty Program

Fontainebleau Las Vegas is inviting its guests to join its cross-resort loyalty program, Fontainebleau Rewards. The luxury resort and casino wants members to enjoy the “inner circle” of the Fontainebleau experience. Earning exclusive benefits is made easier by allowing members to earn in ways other than casino gameplay. Members earn Bleau Points while playing slots or through cash purchases made in most areas of the resort. Additional Play Points are earned through slots in the Fontainebleau Las Vegas casino.  

The rewards program allows members to earn tier status and points in the hotel, when they’re dining, and while visiting bars, lounges, and day/nightlife venues. Members can also earn while at the spa, in the fitness center, and in the brand’s retail shops.  

As points add up, Tier Status increases. Members can access even more rewards as they level up. Benefits include complimentary valet parking on specific days of the week, Play Point bonuses, and more. Fontainebleau seeks to provide rewards program members with “limitless luxury” at every visit.  

“The Fontainebleau legacy is built on creating a personalized experience for every guest, and Fontainebleau Rewards takes that legacy to new heights,” says Mark Tricano, President for Fontainebleau Las Vegas. “Our loyalty program is focused on simplicity, transparency, and convenience, seamlessly integrating both gaming and nongaming rewards. This empowers our members to effortlessly shape their unique journey through Fontainebleau Las Vegas.” 


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