Newegg Officials Hope New Delivery Service for Canadian Customers Leads to Enhanced Customer Engagement, Brand Loyalty

Officials at Newegg, one of the top tech-focused e-retailers in North America, want to engage its Canadian customers in a deeper, more convenient style, driving more brand loyalty.

They recently announced greater delivery convenience for its Canadian shoppers by offering the ability to ship purchases to more than 6,000 Canada Post retail post offices. This enhanced receiving and pick-up option, which is integrated in the shopping cart checkout process, responds to Canadian shoppers’ growing need for flexibility and control in the delivery experience. Newegg, in partnership with Purolator International and Canada Post, is introducing this innovative way to get items securely and conveniently into the hands of Canadian shoppers.

“Our goal is to offer more flexibility in how our Canadian customers receive their orders,” Kunal Thakkar, SVP Global Operations, Newegg, told Loyalty360. “Making it easier and more convenient to shop Newegg will, ultimately, lead to greater customer engagement and loyalty.”
During checkout, Newegg’s Canadian shoppers will now have the option to Deliver to Post Office. Customers simply enter the postal code of the desired delivery area, and a list of nearby shipping destinations is pulled from Canada Post’s network of more than 6,000 retail post offices across the country. Once the destination is chosen, the customer’s order is delivered and held for pick-up at no extra charge.

Canada Post operates a network of retail post offices with unparalleled reach, some located in London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and Sobeys. Shipping to these locations ensures the package is safe at the retail post office and offers easy access for Canadian consumers, 88 percent of whom live within three miles of a retail post office. Once a package is ready for pickup, an email is sent to the customer, who then has up to 15 days to pick up the package.

Adding the Deliver to Post Office option, which also provides customers with access to full tracking from initial pickup to delivery, is an added convenience for Newegg customers. Shipments that originate from the U.S. are pre-cleared for entry into Canada, with taxes and duties paid upfront (delivery duties paid or DDP) and guaranteed deliver-by dates.

“We’re always looking for new ways to improve the post-purchase customer experience,” Thakkar said. “Giving customers the flexibility of choosing when and where they retrieve their orders is an important part of that experience. We offer a similar package pick-up option at FedEx locations in the U.S., which has been received very favorably. We expect Canadian customers to similarly embrace the last-mile option of retrieving their packages at Canada Post retail post offices.”

Listening to customers is an imperative at Newegg.

“We find that the most valuable and actionable customer feedback comes not just from surveys and other formal tools, but also from social media engagement and direct interaction with our customer service team,” Thakkar added.

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