New Mindtree Platform Helps Marketers Elevate Their Customer Experience

Customer experience is on the minds of every loyalty marketer today. Making that experience stand out plays a major role in achieving a point of differentiation.

Officials at Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, believe that their new insights platform, Decision Moments, will help marketers drive faster conversions and increase customer lifetime value.

Sreedhar Bhagavatheeswaran, Sr. Vice President and Global Head of Digital Business for Mindtree, certainly thinks so.

“Organizations are looking to elevate CX to improve serviceability and gain loyalty to differentiate their business,” he explained to Loyalty360. “This effort starts with harnessing the power of data with Cloud as the underpinning to create a single view of customer. This allows organizations to deliver experiences using the power of data to connect with customers. They’ll use advanced analytics to connect the context and deliver using experience platforms. Decision Moments validates this blueprint for elevating CX.”

Personalization is an extremely hot topic among loyalty marketers.

“I cannot begin to tell you how often we hear from businesses about personalization,” Bhagavatheeswaran said. “Even though marketers have a plethora of tools at their disposal, they continue to struggle to deliver personalized and seamless experiences across channels, devices and platforms. Mindtree tapped into this blue-sky space with Decision Moments for marketers to enable higher conversions, targeted recommendations and maximized return on marketing investments. This scalable data science platform powered by high speed computing and machine learning capabilities enriches the customer persona, creates micro-segments at speed, and transcends from a rule-based to recommendation-based personalization.”

Creating a universal view of the customer is at the core of elevating CX and enabling true omnichannel experiences, Bhagavatheeswaran noted.

“The goal is driving insights down to all customer touch points, going beyond websites and mobile apps, into POS systems, call centers, and connected systems such as smart kiosks and store shelves,” he said. “This requires stitching digital and offline data, and enriching the unified data with micro-segmentation, response modeling, and product recommendation algorithms for effective targeting. This is really an insight-generating exercise going beyond gathering and organizing multi-source data. It is about achieving a holistic view of both the customer and customer experience.”

Most businesses are in the journey of building a single view and using or deploying platforms to build a conscious experience for gaining and delivering customer knowledge, Bhagavatheeswaran said.

“Converting transactional loyalists to emotional loyalist of brands requires businesses to not only provide improved service and response at real-time, but deliver immersive experiences,” he added. “They will have to modernize their business processes, use AR/VR leveraging the power of AI, and deliver with conversational apps spanning across any device.”

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