Metro Introduces New Loyalty Program at Grocery and Drugstore Chains

Metro Inc. is launching a new loyalty program in its grocery and drugstore locations throughout Quebec, Canada. Metro will introduce the program — called Moi — in its network of stores including Metro, Super C, Première Moisson, Bruney, and Jean Coutu. 

The new Moi program will replace the previous metroi&moi loyalty program and will withdraw its Quebec locations from the Air Miles program. Metro locations in Ontario will continue to use Air Miles. 

"For customers, it's an opportunity to get points, save money, get targeted promotions on what they buy, what they like," says Eric La Flèche, Metro CEO. "It gives us and our vendor partners more opportunities to target and be more personalized and engage more with our customers." 

As part of the new program, Metro partnered with The Royal Bank of Canada to offer a co-branded Moi-RBC credit card to accelerate member earning. 

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