Marvel has a plethora of attractions for fans to choose from, ranging from movies, TV, comics, games, digital media, and consumer products. But one thing Marvel has yet to possess, until now, is a loyalty program.

Enter The Marvel Insider loyalty program, powered by CrowdTwist.

Allowing Marvel fans to be rewarded for their customer engagement is the centerpiece of the new loyalty program. Marvel fans can join the all-new Marvel Insider loyalty program for free and start earning points for connecting, sharing, watching, and more.

Marvel fans can create their Marvel Insider accounts, earn points across various Marvel channels, and receive incredible Marvel rewards such as best-selling digital comics, amazing collectibles, and unforgettable experiences. To register, fans can go to:

Peter Phillips, EVP/GM, Interactive & Distribution for Marvel, told Loyalty360 that the Marvel Insider loyalty program is a thank-you to the company’s passionate fans.

“Marvel Insider is unique in that the program is really about fan engagement, rather than points for purchase,” Phillips explained. “Our fans have such tremendous appetite for everything we do, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything. There’s so much in the Marvel Universe that spans movies, TV, comics, games, digital media, and consumer products and MARVEL INSIDER is a great platform for bringing fans the latest and greatest content from across all our lines of business and keeping them current on what’s going on. It really helps facilitate the exploration and discovery process so fans can be exposed to new content and find what they truly love. In the future, we’re hoping to use our understanding of our fans to really tailor the Marvel experience to their personal interest.”

Powered by CrowdTwist, an industry-leading provider of comprehensive and multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions, Marvel Insider will continually implement and update fans with new and exciting ways to interact with Marvel content for exciting and exclusive rewards.

Marvel Insider allows fans to be rewarded for enjoying all the things they already love such as buying a favorite comic; watching the latest Marvel trailer; or checking in at a Marvel movie on opening weekend.  

“We’ve always known that our fans are some of the most passionate and loyal around,” Phillips added. “They’ve always had such a strong desire to connect with and feel like a part of the Marvel brand. The program is built to be a way for Marvel to connect with our fans in a meaningful way. Most importantly, it’s a way for us to reward our fans for everything they are already doing. The program is super easy to join and fans can be as involved as they want to be. With the program, we wanted to create this really fun and exciting experience, almost like the feeling of being a kid at the arcade. Not only can you use your “tickets,” or points, to redeem super cool money-can’t buy rewards, but you’re also having a ton of fun while earning those points.”
Connecting with customers is the key to the program.

“Our main objectives are to build a way to connect with fans in a more meaningful way, drive fan engagement by rewarding high value activities, and use fan feedback to create a better experience for our fans,” Phillips said. 

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