Loyalty360 Reads: Wingstop Dives Deeper into Personalization, Dutch Bros Improves Customer Experience with Online Ordering, and Pepsi & Shaq Introduce the ‘SNEAK’ER

Wingstop Launching MyWingstop in April To Enhance Customer Experience 

During a conference call with analysts, executives of the chicken wing fast-food chain Wingstop announced the upcoming launch of My Wingstop, the company’s new digital and e-commerce platform. According to Wingstop executives, the Addison, Texas-based fast-casual brand will debut the platform in April after successful pilots in nearly 150 of its restaurants. MyWingstop is expected to boost traffic and ticket totals across the United States. Moreover, a primary feature of the platform will be the ability to leverage first-party data and deliver a hyper-personalized journey for customers while looking at longer-term goals, such as improving conversion rates and customer retention. 

Wingstop President and CEO Michael Skipworth said the pilot testing has seen promising results. Expressing his optimism for the platform, Skipworth said, “We are really excited about MyWingstop. It’s something we’ve been working on for the last few years — a big capital investment for us — and it’s our investment that we’ve made in building our own e-commerce and digital experience that’s customized specifically for Wingstop’s business.”  

In other Wingstop news, executives released the company’s fourth-quarter earnings for 2023, with data revealing that 67% of Wingstop’s transactions were digital.  

Wingstop provides an online calculator to help customers determine order size:


Dutch Bros is Testing Online Digital Ordering 

When the COVID-19 pandemic created higher demand for online food orders, many restaurants and food venues added online ordering to appease off-premises customers. Until now, Dutch Bros, a drive-through coffee chain, has resisted the trend, lacking an online ordering platform through its mobile app or website. Now the brand is responding to consumer demand for convenience by testing an app-based mobile ordering platform in its Arizona market, with plans to expand the service to most locations by the end of the year.  

CEO Christine Barone emphasized the importance of utilizing the online ordering platform without compromising the brand’s core values or overburdening employees. “Pending the results, we would expect to conduct a multi-shop test as part of our innovation stage-gate process. We recognized this could be a big opportunity for us and also understand the importance of getting this right, delivering on our core values of speed, quality, and service.”  

During its testing phase, Dutch Bros plans to balance digital ordering and interactions between customers and broistas, the Dutch Bros version of baristas. The company will also evaluate how the speed of its drive-through service and foot traffic will be affected. 

Learn more about Dutch Bros’ rewards program here: https://www.dutchbros.com/rewards   


Pepsi, Reebok, Shaq Collab To Introduce the Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER 

PepsiCo is collaborating with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal and Reebok to unveil the Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER, a custom-built pair of size 22 Reebok PUMP Shaq Attaq sneakers. With the design prowess of the Shoe Surgeon, the sneakers blend style and functionality with a design that accommodates a full Pepsi Mini Can in the sole so that Shaq and a few lucky fans can enjoy the coveted beverage at their convenience. The partnership brings together a unique intersection of culture, sports, and fashion and echoes memories of the first time PepsiCo and the basketball icon partnered. Shaq’s timeless influence continues amid a recent endorsement of Pepsi Minis and the retirement of his Orlando Magic #32 jersey during a post-game ceremony.  

CMO of Pepsi, Todd Kaplan, stated, “The Pepsi ‘SNEAK’ER is the latest in a long line of groundbreaking innovations we have had at Pepsi with our incredible partner, Shaq. As a fellow sneakerhead and Pepsi lover myself, I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a new shoe built from the iconic Reebok PUMP series and to have a Pepsi Mini always within a leg’s reach. This project has been a great partnership between Pepsi, Reebok, and the Shoe Surgeon that celebrates our past, present, and future partnership with Shaq.” 

Pepsi awarded 22 lucky fans with a pair of stylish custom ‘SNEAK’ERS. In a bid to win, fans posted a video or photo on social media showing their devotion to Pepsi Minis using the hashtag #PepsiMinis #Sweepstakes. 

Fans are already using the #PepsiMinis hashtag on Instagram here:

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