Like pumpkin? Head to Dunkin’.
The coffee-and-donut purveyor Dunkin’ Donuts offers a huge variety of pumpkin flavors on its menu, from muffins and donuts to cappuccinos and macchiatos. On September 10, the company’s pumpkin offerings will expand to include Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee, which customers will be able to purchase in bottles for greater portability.
Other pumpkin-flavored menu items include hot and iced coffee, hot and iced lattes, americanos, frozen coffee, cold brew coffee, donut holes, coffee pods, and even coffee beans.
Brian Gilbert, Vice President of Retail Business Development at Dunkin’, says, “As a beverage-led brand and a leader in the ready-to-drink coffee market, we continually look to delight our fans with new varieties, and perhaps no flavor is as eagerly anticipated by our fans as pumpkin. New Pumpkin Spiced Iced Coffee now comes in a convenient bottle, providing yet another way to keep busy people refreshed and running on Dunkin’.”
Getting paid to sleep? I want that job.
Mattress Firm has announced the creation of a new position, the Snoozetern, and the first person who will hold the position, Juliane Nguyen. The Snoozetern gets to test mattresses by sleeping on them during working hours, though she also has to create video content and share her experience on social media channels. In addition, she will report on employee sleep habits and routines.
“The moment I saw the call for applicants to be Mattress Firm’s Snoozetern, I knew I was the right person for the job,” says Nguyen. “I think my love for sleep coupled with my fresh content ideas and video skills made me the perfect ‘snoozer.’ I am so excited to start snoozing and sharing!”
Mattress Firm CMO Scott Thaler adds, “[Juliane] just completed her first product review and is anxious to share it with all those in need of a better night’s sleep. It’s clear Juliane is just as sleep-obsessed as we are and will feel right at home at BEDQuarters.”

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