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DraftKings Debuts Flash Bet at Wimbledon
DraftKings has announced the launch of Flash Bet, an offering that strives for high-engagement through live betting and instant rewards. Currently specific to tennis, “Flash Bet will allow customers to place live, in-game wagers quickly between points in a given match. Once bettors place their wagers via the Flash Bet tab on the mobile or online DraftKings Sportsbook, they will be able to view a timeline of their bet’s results and receive payouts seconds after the play is over. Embedded match graphics will show the ball as it moves across the court in real-time with descriptions of the service, points won, and court type.”
Food Makers Crowd Snack Aisle Despite Uneven Growth
Snacks, whether salty or sweet, have seen a decreased rate of consumption, but competition in the space is only increasing. “Consumption has dipped for many grab-and-go foods in the US, where people ate some 3 percent fewer servings of protein bars and other health-oriented snacks in the year through March, according to market research company NPD Group Inc. Sweet snack consumption dipped about 1 percent, and savory snack consumption ticked up 0.4 percent, after falling almost 1 percent during the year through March 2018.”
FedEx Slashes Prices to Fill Its Planes
The shipping services is increasing efficiency by keeping planes full; the brand has slashed prices to achieve this. “The shipping giant, which is ending an air-shipping contract with Inc. later this month, is cutting prices for some customers of its Express network, according to people familiar with the matter. That includes offering guaranteed two-day air service for the same price as shipping items through its Ground division, the people said.”
Digital Transformation and Human Relationships
Over at Adweek, Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer and Customer-Led Marketing for Deloitte Digital, argues that brands’ digital transformations should not come at the expense of human relationships. He writes, “When people repeatedly behave in a certain way, it’s commonly known as a ‘heuristic,’ or a human behavioral norm. In the age of consumerism, brands are expected to consistently deliver on certain human behaviors and personalities, like having a person to call if you are unsatisfied with the product or service.”
Amazon and Google’s Competitors Ready for Antitrust Case
Regulators are taking a look at Big Tech, and now the competitors of the brands being examined have spoken up. “In a letter dated Sunday, a group representing retailers including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy shared its own concerns with the Federal Trade Commission, one of two US agencies tasked with antitrust regulation. The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) said that regulators should apply a broader antitrust standard than assessing whether or not consumers are getting a good deal, for which the Department of Justice’s antitrust chief Makan Delrahim had also made the case in a speech last month.”

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