IHG Offers Limited Time Status Challenge
Other hospitality brands are better known for status challenge promotions, but in a rare move for the brand, IHG is trying one of its own. “IHG Rewards Club is offering a status challenge all the way up to their Spire Elite tier. This is their first publicly available status challenge opportunity in a long time. At the time the challenge was only supposed to be valid through June 30, 2019, though the expiration has now been extended through July 26, 2019.”
Customer Experience
Dockers Footwear Enhances Its Online Experience
The apparel brand is making its e-commerce presence simpler for consumers. “The retailer, part of footwear giant Genesco, is streamlining its online shopping environment using the Shopify Plus e-commerce platform. The migration to Shopify Plus offers scalability with a lower investment, and flexibility to adapt Dockers’ e-commerce site to meet changing customer needs.”
European Grocers Testing Camera-Based Cashierless Tech
New tech could cut costs and increase customer data for grocers. “Several European grocers are testing cashierless stores featuring cameras that track what shoppers pick, allowing them to pay without stopping at a checkout line, according to a Dow Jones News report. The retailers hope the technology will cut costs and alleviate lines as they face competition from Amazon, which has already introduced cashierless stores in the US.”
Amazon Offers $10 to Prime Day Shoppers Who Hand over Their Data
The e-commerce giant is offering $10 to customers who agree to let the brand monitor their browsing, which is needed “for new installations of the Amazon Assistant, a comparison-shopping tool that customers can add to their web browsers. It fetches Amazon’s price for products that users see on,, and elsewhere. In order to work, the assistant needs access to users’ web activity, including the links and some page content they view. The catch, as Amazon explains in the fine print, is the company can use this data to improve its general marketing, products and services, unrelated to the shopping assistant.”
Food-Delivery Companies Serve Restaurants Better Tech
Delivery services are attempting to offer restaurants a better deal. “Delivery companies are sharing more data and fusing technology more seamlessly with restaurants to counter the growing sense that sending food to customers can be more trouble than it is worth.”

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