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$25 For A Nap

That’s right. Casper, the mattress brand, is unleashing The Dreamery store onto New York City. For 45 minutes at a time, customers can reserve little “nooks,” at a cost of $25 per session. With our sleep deprived country, the idea doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. After all, one in three adult Americans are severely sleep deprived. The concept by Casper allows customers to take a quick nap during a lunch break, before work, or even briefly after work. Let’s face it, the work week can be an absolute grind, and it wears even the hardest of workers out sometimes. Other countries have highlighted the importance of naps for years, such as China, where it’s acceptable to power nap at your desk. America has put sleep on the back burner for years, adopting the concepts of, “just grinding,” or “sleeping when we are dead.” Unfortunately, these mentalities are catching up to us, as sleep-related illnesses continue to skyrocket across the United States, such as type two diabetes and obesity. Take a nap America, you’ve earned it.

Target Gets Secretive With New App

An invite-only app from Target? This week, Target unveiled their secretive app to only the most loyal of their customers. The app allows members (invite only), to collaborate with designers and see their ideas within Target stores. This unique CX approach brings the values of secrecy and having a voice to a massive brand that can sometimes be difficult to do both. There are only 600 members that Target allows within the app at a given time, which is 0.002 percent of its 30 million weekly shopper base. The consistent interaction between consumers and designers allows for better feedback and edits to be made quicker. With products being developed so quickly, the feedback to edit products needed to be streamlined as well.

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