Restaurants Explore Creative Solutions to Labor Pressures
Within the year, 20 states are set to raise their minimum wages. Restaurants are now looking for creative solutions to respond to these mounting pressures. They are cutting and sometimes replacing items from menus and seeking innovative technologies that can reduce the amount of labor needed altogether. Some restaurants are even using mobile apps that track servers’ average checks and items sold to enable recognition for their work.
Bud Light Puts Ingredients on Label for Increased Transparency
Bud Light has become the first beer in the United States to add a comprehensive facts and ingredient label to its packaging, with the unveiling of a new secondary packaging design that will hit stores in February.
“While ingredient labels are not required, consumers deserve to know more about their beer,” says Andy Goeler, VP of Marketing, Bud Light. “We brew Bud Light with the finest ingredients and we’re happy to proudly display them on our packaging. When people walk through a store, they are used to seeing ingredient labels on products in every aisle, except for the beer, wine, and spirits aisle. As the leading brand in the category, we believe increasing on-pack transparency will benefit the entire beer category and provide our consumers with the information they expect to see.”

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