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Brands Cutting Ties with NRA After Florida School Shooting
The National Rifle Association seems to have a target on its back at the moment in wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., and more than a dozen brands have cut ties with the gun-rights group and its rewards progam. From airlines that offered discounted fares to pharmaceutical companies to home security companies, brands are trying to distance themselves from the organization as pressure from outside groups on social media has been ramped up. Even brands that broke up with the group years ago are still being targeted. Best Western, which stopped its support in 2012 after the Sandy Hook shootings, has been the target of boycott efforts and forced to defend itself on social media. Wyndham Hotel Groups cut ties last year and has also been forced to defend itself. An article in Business Insider lists all of the groups that have thus far separated from the NRA.
Engaged Employees Lead to Greater Customer Experience, Higher Company ROI
There is a verifiable link between employee experience and customer experience, which includes a highly engaged workforce, according to an article in Forbes. Companies that lead in customer experience have 60 percent more engaged employees, the article says, and investing in employee experience positively impacts the customer experience and helps generate higher ROI. We wrote about the role if employee engagement in customer loyalty last week when Loyalty360 hosted a webinar titled, “Executive Perspectives: Employee Engagement & Customer Loyalty.”
Airbnb Branches Out with Hotels and a Loyalty Program
Hospitality disruptor Airbnb is delving into new areas, including hotels and a loyalty program. According to an article in Bloomberg, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky announced last week that the company will highlight hotels on the website, a loyalty program, and the ability to match guests with accommodations that fit their budgets and tastes. What’s more, Chesky talked about a new type of hotel-like accommodations called Airbnb Plus. The higher-end homes will be visited by an inspector, the article adds, who will determine if the homes meet requirements ranging from fresh, matching towels and working appliances to a commitment to stock the home’s kitchen with a selection of teas and coffee, similar to hotel offerings.

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