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MillerCoors Discontinues Millennial Beer
Two Hats, the beer aimed at millennials from MillerCoors, has been cancelled just six months after its debut. The lime and pineapple flavored beers were advertised as, “good cheap beer.” At $5 for a six pack, they were definitely cheap, but were they good? The verdict is not yet out on that one. Despite partnerships with College Humor, Snapchat, and YouTube, the beer was not able to find success within the market. To MillerCoors’ credit, the beer market for millennials is much more difficult to sell into than any other age bracket. Beer sales are down tremendously within the age bracket. MillerCoors will be focusing its attention onto Coors Light, which is experiencing a decline in sales.

Mattress Firm Explores Options
It seems like we are discussing a well-known retailer facing financial struggles seemingly each week. On this week’s version of Loyalty360’s musical chairs is Mattress Firm. The largest U.S.  mattress retailer is exploring bankruptcy. According to CNBC, the retailer will look at shutting some of the 3,000 locations that are losing money. Not even the mattress firms among us are immune to the immense pressure being placed on retailers from Amazon. The positive side of bankruptcy for Mattress Firm would be the opportunity to “clean up its real estate portfolio and improve cash flow and profitability.” No moves or comments have been made by the brand yet, stay posted on this one in the coming weeks.

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