Loyalty360 Q&A: Givex on Loyalty Program Support, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Adapting to New Technology

Creating a unique and differentiated loyalty strategy, data collection, and adapting to new technologies are top of mind for any loyalty manager. Givex partners with brands to integrate loyalty programs, maximize the benefits of their loyalty programs, help them succeed in their business endeavors, establish consumer trust, and promote frequent visits by loyal customers.

Founded in 1999, Givex has provided forward-thinking solutions to businesses for decades. A global company that has leveraged its experience to succeed in a crowded marketplace, Givex has evolved to support brands with omnichannel POS, gift card, loyalty, and stored value ticketing solutions. Loyalty360 engaged the Chief Commercial Officer at Givex, Mo Chaar, to talk about his passion for enhancing customer relationships. Chaar oversees business development, client relations, and ensures that the company continues to provide innovative solutions for clients.

The Givex Loyalty Platform
Givex supports its clients with cloud-based customer engagement and loyalty solutions to build better customer relationships. The platform enables businesses to engage with customers on a deeper level, drive repeat business, and gather customer information and feedback to improve their loyalty programs. Customer data and insights are leveraged to develop strategies for rewarding customers for their continued loyalty, which can help steer them away from competitors.

“Our loyalty program platform is designed to help businesses build lasting relationships with customers by enrolling them in programs, providing points for purchases, and offering personalized incentives to break up the monotony of the user experience,” explains Chaar. “Our platform integrates seamlessly with various point-of-sale (POS) systems, ensuring a smooth experience for both businesses and customers. The benefits include increased customer retention, higher spending, and data-driven insights that drive smarter marketing decisions.”

Giving Back Through Givex
Givex Community Rewards has raised over $450 million by partnering with merchants throughout the United States with a round-up program where customers choose the organization their donation goes to when they round up their purchases to the nearest dollar amount.

Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental aspect of our loyalty efforts,” says Chaar. “Givex Community Rewards allows us to leverage the power of our platform to make a positive impact on communities. By providing customers the option to make small donations to the non-profit of their choice by rounding up their purchases to the nearest dollar, we create a sense of purpose within our loyalty programs. This not only strengthens customer loyalty but also aligns our clients with causes that matter to their customer base, fostering a sense of shared values.”

Advances in Loyalty Technology
From round-up technology to online gift cards, Givex has adapted to new technology and stayed ahead of the curve. Through this approach, Givex’s clients have enjoyed the many rewards that come with these innovative solutions.

“Technology has revolutionized how customers interact with gift cards and rewards programs,” says Chaar. “Our online platform empowers businesses to sell digital gift cards seamlessly, making it convenient for customers to purchase and redeem them. This technology-driven approach enhances the customer experience by offering instant gratification and the ability to personalize gift cards.”

Givex continues to innovate with emerging technologies and has made investments in AI-driven personalization, augmented reality experiences, and more integrations with mobile platforms to enhance the customer journey.

Loyalty Realignment Against a Sea of Sameness
When brands develop their own rewards programs, many can fall into the sea of sameness, a copy of other rewards programs that don’t amplify the brand’s unique values. Chaar speaks on how the focus of brands has shifted to be more relevant and personalized instead of a one-size-fits-all program.

"Clients are seeking ways to enhance user experiences,” says Chaar. “Brands want to integrate loyalty with mobile apps and provide omnichannel rewards redemption. There’s also a growing emphasis on leveraging data analytics to gain valuable insights for program optimization.”

In order to adapt a loyalty program to the brand’s core audience and stand out in a crowded marketplace, loyalty managers must leverage customer data and market trends while implementing innovative incentives to keep their brand top of mind.

“The challenge of differentiation is real,” says Chaar. “Brands must tailor their loyalty programs to stand out in a crowded marketplace. This involves understanding their target audience deeply and offering unique rewards that resonate. Additionally, incorporating gamification, tiered rewards, and surprise offers can break up the monotony and keep customers engaged.”

Customer Data & Privacy
When collecting data from customers, understanding the recently enacted privacy laws and regulations sweeping across the U.S. is a major concern for brands and partner companies that work alongside them to build a strategic loyalty program. For brands to acquire a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences, they need to gather and analyze data to take meaningful action. Working with brands and consumers to provide helpful information to companies while also respecting the privacy concerns and expectations of users is crucial for Givex and its clients.

“Data privacy is paramount,” assures Chaar. “We are committed to adhering to all privacy regulations and continuously enhancing our data security measures. As regulations evolve, we adapt our data collection and storage practices to ensure compliance and maintain the trust of our clients and their customers.”

 Getting the Edge on the Loyalty Landscape
With years of experience in supporting loyalty programs, Chaar knows that there are quick, easy wins for greater success. He breaks down some simple ways to take any loyalty program to the next level and prepare for more loyal consumers.

“Start by truly understanding your customers’ needs and preferences,” says Chaar. “The first step is to gather data and analyze it to identify trends and opportunities. Quick wins can include offering a simple, enticing welcome reward to new program members, utilizing gamification elements to encourage engagement, and implementing personalized communication strategies that make customers feel valued.”

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