Among the most valuable tools for any marketer is a simple benchmark. More than anything, those heading up customer loyalty and CX initiatives are clamoring for a look to their left and right, trying to get an idea of where other top brands stand in terms of engaging and retaining customers despite the wide spectrum of challenges faced across industries. Loyalty360 provides a look at how companies approach their greatest marketing challenges in our exclusive CMO Challenge documents.
Free for a limited time to download and view, these CMO Challenges provide a look at where the industry as a whole sits from the perspective of those shaping it.
How are brands approaching the new challenges regarding 1:1 personalization? How are they adapting to changing consumer needs and expectations? What role does data analytics play in customer loyalty, and how is that changing? These are just a few of the questions tackled within the CMO Challenge documents, which feature responses from senior-level executives at brands like Zappos, Marriott, Ulta Beauty, and Allstate.
These insights are gathered through exclusive interviews conducted by Loyalty360 with a number of brands that are making waves when it comes to engaging and retaining customers across a huge spectrum of verticals. From travel to CPG to hospitality, we seek to find perspectives from all industries and from the most respected brands in their respective markets.
“Customer loyalty is an industry that is, unfortunately, plagued by confusion due to an inundation of technology and the resulting challenges,” says Mark Johnson, CEO and CMO of Loyalty360. “These CMO Challenges give readers a chance to cut through the noise and see what top-level marketers are seeing and hearing in the world of customer experience and customer loyalty.”
CMO Challenges can be downloaded in the “Research & Reports” section of our website for a limited time, so act now!

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